Mano slams Ravi on India

Democratic People’s Front (DPF) leader and one time UNP ally Mano Ganeshan has slammed UNP MP Ravi Karunanayaka for opposing Indian moves to hold talks with Sri Lankan minority parties and questioned if it was the policy of the UNP.

Ganeshan, in comments sent to Daily Mirror online, claimed that the UNP MP was attempting to sabotage the last hope of peace for the Tamil speaking minorities and the whole of Sri Lanka while attempting to grasp the leadership of the party.

Mano Ganeshan  further added that "  Before blaming India for the alleged arms training to the Tamil groups, Karunanayake should take few lessons from the history. Policies of the so called national parties and the successive governmental treatments meted out to the linguistic and religious minorities in this country, forced the minority leaderships to seek external assistances. It also paved way for the formation of ethnic parties in this country. Post war era has not offered any hopes for the Tamil speaking people yet" he said

The DPF leader, who lost his place in Parliament at the recent polls and was not given a national list slot by the UNP, urged UNP leader Ranil Wickramasingha to clarify the position of the UNP on the comments made by Karunanayaka. (GS) (Daily Mirror online)

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