Video: JVP condemns attack on unarmed villagers

JVP Propaganda Secretary and parliamentarian Vijitha Herath today condemned the attack on the people who were protesting in Weliweriya and said the government had failed to resolve this issue before valuable lives were lost.

“We vehemently condemn the attack carried out on innocent unarmed civilians who were protesting for a basic human need. The government did not pay attention to this issue even though thousands of people took to the street and a Buddhist monk staged a fast unto death. If the government had acted swiftly to resolve this issue, this tragedy would not have happened,” Mr. Herath said.

He said security forces should not follow unlawful orders given by politicians because they would have to suffer the consequences of any action they take like in the case of Rukantha and Chandraleka where members of the security forces even after so many years were found guilty of harassing the singers.
“The same fate awaits the security forces who assaulted unarmed residents and journalists in Weliweriya,” he said.

Mr. Hearth said the residents were compelled to take to the streets as the authorities failed to close the factory earlier and provide them clean water. Besides he said the government is yet to carry out a proper investigations and create awareness among the people whether to consume the water in the area or not. “People are still confused,” he said.(Ajith Siriwardana & Yohan Perera)

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