Hostage drama at Vavuniya prison

At least 84 inmates were taken hostage by eleven inmates at the Vavuniya prison demanding prison officers to transfer their inmate leader ‘Sashi’ from the Anuradhapura prison.

‘Sashi’ was transferred to the Anuradhapura prison from the Vavuniya prison after an assault on a suspect priest who was in remand prison for allegedly raping a school girl. During the clash two inmates including the priest were admitted to the Vavuniya General Hospital.

The prisoners in control had locked the other 84 in several cells and it is been guarded by them and not letting prison guards to approach them.

The clash had begun when eleven inmates led by ‘Sashi’ had come to assault the priest but another faction in the prison had come to defend the priest. Immediately a clash had erupted between the two factions.

Speaking to Daily Mirror Prisons Commissioner General Major General V.R De Silva said that the suspect priest was sent to the Vavuniya prison as he was remanded by the Mannar Magistrate.

He said that the situation is under control. According to prisons sources the Vavuniya SSP had come to negotiate with the inmates to release the inmates who are in their captivity. 

However the hostage situation is still prevailing at the Vavuniya prison, according to highly places prisons officials. (Supun Dias and Romesh Madusanka)

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