Govt. ready to face bus strike: Minister

While claiming that the government would not allow the private bus strike scheduled for tonight to be a success, the Private Transport Services Minister C.B. Rathnayaka said he was ready to face the strike.

“We have informed them to stop their strike. Only one association is to join the strike. However, 17 bus companies and 14 unions are with us. We have instructed all provincial councils to take the necessary steps to ensure that commuters would not be affected. Buses will run on schedule tomorrow. We will corporate with the CTB and ensure that the commuters will not be inconvenienced.” Mr. Rathnayake said.

He said he ensure that the bus services would not be crippled due to the strike. Mr. Rathnayake further said, if any one threatens or disturbs the smooth running of the public transport system, they would be severely dealt with under the normal law of the country.

“We can’t let anyone take the law into their hands. If anyone resorts to disruptive acts, action will be taken against them,” he said.

Responding to a question whether the ministry had agreed to resolve their demands, Mr. Rathnayake said

“We have not come to any agreement with them, but have given relief to the bus owners. They demand a fare hike despite the relief given to them. We can’t allow them to do that”.(Ajith Siriwardana)

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