Ex-SL cop nabbed with forged passport in India

A Sri Lankan former police official was detained at the International Airport on Tuesday while trying to board a flight to Sri Lanka using a forged passport.

The person was identified as Jamal, 51, son of Sainulabdeen of Colombo.

Valiathura police, who recorded his arrest after being handed over by the Airport authorities, said that he had fled to India four years ago and was detained after he was identified.

Police said that Jamal was a Tamil speaking police officer who took refuge in India during 2009 when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was defeated by the Sri Lankan Army.

“He came along with the groups of Sri Lankan Tamils, who were fleeing the Sri Lankan Army.

He stayed in various places in Tamil Nadu. For the last few months, he had been living in a poor home at Dindigal,” police said.

Though he tried to return back to Sri Lanka, after peace was established, he could not as he didn’t have a passport.

According to police, Jamal’s wife, who is in Sri Lanka forged a passport in his name and sent it to him, using which he tried to board the flight on Tuesday morning.

Police said that he will be produced before the court on Wednesday.(Source: Indian Express)

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