Beer commercial withdrawn

The Japanese brewery that made a beer commercial with ‘Sigiriya’ as the backdrop has decided to stop using the commercial after discussions held at the Japanese Embassy with officials of the Archaeological Department.

As instructed by National Heritage Minister Jagath Balasuriya, the director general of the Archaeological Department, Senarath Dissanayake had apprised the Japanese Embassy of the issue and urged that the controversial commercial be withdrawn.

The Department had said the image of the heritage site of ‘Sigiriya’ was harmed by using it in an alcoholic beverage commercial. Acquiescing to the officials’ demand, the Japanese brewery’s representatives had decided to remove the commercial.  

A Sri Lankan company had created the beer commercial for the Japanese brewery after telling the Archaeological Department that the commercial was for an energy drink.

The National Heritage Ministry said it would take legal action against the Sri Lankan company for violating the conditions of the contract it had signed with the Archaeological Department.

The Ministry has informed the Company of the intended legal action. (Lahiru Pothmulla)

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