Aussie concerned over Tigers

Australia's Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans has conceded there are concerns about suspected LTTE cadres being sent back to Sri Lanka.

The government and the Australian Tamil Congress say an international report has highlighted some issues.

The International Crisis Group has called for an independent inquiry into last year's civil war in Sri Lanka and says there's evidence of war crimes committed by both sides.

Dr Sam Pari from the Australian Tamil Congress has welcomed the report, especially the call for any potential witnesses to be protected.

"Because if they're sent back the Sri Lankan government will target them," he said

Senator Evans says while its too early to speculate, sending a suspected LTTE cadre back is an issue.
"Clearly there is a major problem with the idea of returning serious former Tamil Tiger operatives to Sri Lanka without very strong assurances from the Sri Lankan government," he said.

Earlier this year, the Australian Government froze asylum applications from Tamils, saying conditions in Sri Lanka were improving. (Australia Network News)

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