Action against Lankan diplomat

By Jamila Najmuddin

The Foreign Ministry has decided to initiate disciplinary action against a Sri Lankan diplomat who was working at the Sri Lankan embassy in Japan after he failed to meet a deadline to explain his recent conduct.

Foreign Ministry sources told Daily Mirror online that discussions are already underway on the disciplinary action to be taken against the diplomat, Tilak Attanayaka, while a final deadline is also likely to be issued to him before any action is taken.

The Foreign Ministry had issued a deadline of last Thursday and had warned that if the diplomat faild to be present on or before the said date then the Ministry will resort to taking serious action.

Tilak Attanayaka, who was holding the post as a Minister Consular in the Sri Lankan Embassy in Tokyo from mid 2007 till 2009, is alleged to have returned to Colombo with antique items from his landlord’s residence in Japan.

The landlord had lodged a complaint with the Foreign Ministry in Colombo immediately, demanding Attanayaka to return back his belongings.

The Ministry had informed Attanayaka to be present for an inquiry over his conduct last week but the diplomat had failed to appear stating he had to attend to some personal matters.

Daily Mirror online learns that Attanayaka is now discussing with the Japanese landlord to reach to some sort of agreement without getting the authorities involved.

However a report on the incident from Japan has already reached Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama who has said that a full scale inquiry should be held. In order to begin the inquiry, Attanayaka has to be present and submit a written explanation to the Ministry, sources said.

Until the items are returned to him, the landlord, an influential Japanese businessman, has said he will not return the 610,000 Yen (Rs.762,500) deposit placed with him by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan. (Daily Mirror online)

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