SLSI denies reports on permitting sale of unhealthy coconut oil imported to SL by four importers

Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) today denied media reports that Senior officials of the SLSI had authorized the sale of unhealthy coconut oil imported to the country by four importers.

Director General Sri Lanka Standards Institution, Dr Siddhika Senaratne said SLSI, being the standards body for quality to the nation, would not compromise the set standards for any commodity or material that would be detrimental to the lives & livelihoods of Sri Lankans.

“SLSI continuously conducts laboratory testing for Aflatoxin in coconut oil imported into the country by all importers to ascertain that it conforms to the set standard of 10micro grams/Kg,” Dr. Senaratne said.

“Contrary to false social/media reports, 13 containers of Coconut oil have not been approved for sales to consumers by any authority namely DG SL Customs, DO SLSI and Health Ministry (Food Control) unit. The Consumer Affairs Authority is also carrying out a stringent watch on these imports,” he underlined.

“The four said importers namely All Brothers Pet Ltd, Sena Mills Refineries, Edirisinghe Edible Oils and Katana Refineries are long standing importers of Oil and their samples are under test for which results will be released within a few days. Based on the test results, SLSI together with the Ministry of Health (Food Control Unit) will provide the necessary instructions to SL Customs for sale or re-export of the above imports,” he added.

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