EC has no documents on Gota relinquishing US citizenship: Milroy

Former MP Milroy Fernando said yesterday the Election Commission (EC) Chairman had informed them that there were no documents submitted to the EC to verify whether SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa had relinquished his US citizenship.   

Speaking to the media after meeting the EC Chairman, Mr. Fernando said they submitted a letter to the EC requesting him to show the certificates and documents submitted by Mr. Rajapaksa to certify that he was no longer a US citizen.

“However, the EC Chairman said he can’t give any documents because he had not received any. We reiterate that Gotabaya is still a US citizen and as such, it is wrong for him to contest. If we elect a person like him, then we will be electing a US citizen to the presidency,” he said.

Meanwhile, he expressed disappointment over the statement made by President’s Counsel Ali Sabry that all documents pertaining to Mr. Rajapaksa relinquishing his US citizenship had been submitted to the EC.

“But not a single document that shows Gotabaya has relinquished his US citizenship had been submitted to the EC. Therefore, it is a laughing matter to field such a candidate and for the President’s Counsel to lie in this manner to deceive the public and attempt to take them for a ride. We request the people to decide wisely whether to elect a US citizen or a Sri Lankan citizen as the president of the country,” Mr. Fernando said.  

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