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Lanka Plate Snooker Tourney Zulfy, Rohana record back-to-back wins

12 Aug 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Ahmed Zulfy (Moors SC) in action



By M. Shamil Amit

Ahmed Zulfy of Moors Sports Club (MSC) and Anil Rohana of Automobile Association Club (AAC) recorded back-to-back wins on the second day of the All-Island Lanka Plate Snooker Tournament which continued at the AAC and The Cue Club Billiards Table in Colombo yesterday.

Zulfy defeated Dharnis Mohamed of Kandy and followed it up with another win against S. S. Kumarapperuma of Army.

Meanwhile, Rohana overcame Akram Gazzali also from Kandy and later he had the better of B. J. Samarakoon of Army.

In addition, Army’s M. M. Mubeen, one of the contenders for the title along with his teammates Susantha Wickrama, M. S. Fernando and M. G. C. Chandrasekera, Riyaz Noor (MSC) and Loshaka Perera were the other notable winners.

M. Z. M. Musthaq (Kandy) beat F. Janab (Galle) 58-45, 56-12, 80-40. Ahmed Zulfi (MSC) beat Dharnis Mohamed (Kandy) 65-14, 70-39, 68-29. M. Farhan (Galle) beat Fowmy Fareed (Kelibima) 66-58, 29-57, 56-39, 41-40. M. M. Mubeen (Army) beat M. R. M. Rifkhan (Army) 68-7, 60-35, 68-15. P. Guruge (Galle) beat Anjana Vithanage (Kandy) 72-48, 70-49, 57-61, 81-18. Anil Rohana (AAC) beat Akram Gazzali (Kandy) 72-61, 58-21, 48-63, 68-23. Susantha Wickrama (Army) beat Fouzan Hassan (Kandy) 20-54, 58-51, 58-6, 49-9. M. S. Fernando (Army) beat Hamjad Sally (Kandy) 57-46, 65-7, 50-57, 35-57, 61-31. Riyaz Noor (MSC) beat Prathap Murugesu (Kandy) 5-20, 36-50, 58-35, 67-37. Loshaka Perera (SSC) beat A. Balakrishnan (AAC) 53-16, 53-66, 43-51, 54-36, 66-22. M. I. Farook (MICH) beat M. Farhan (Galle) 78-32, 68-28, 70-44. M. G. C. Chandrasiri (Army) beat P. Guruge (Galle) 60-37, 57-75, 37-8, 46-60, 57-32. M. Abzal (POP) beat E. T. M. Soysa (Army) 32-55, 52-50, 51-40, 54-4. Ihsan Ali (Colombo) beat M. R. T. Chandana (Colombo ‘B’) 58-32, 72-55, 69-27. Hazan Nimeshka (YMBA) beat M. Z. M. Musthafa (Kandy) 51-16, 53-16, 60-48. Ahmed Zulfy (MSC) beat S. S. Kumarapperuma (Army) 60-30, 56-34, 46-38. Rohitha de Silva (BRC) beat Shiyam Hussain (Galle) 51-55, 49-18, 60-18, 51-24. Anil Rohana (AAC) beat B. J. Samarakoon (Army) 58-23, 60-27, 51-26.