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A photo shoot in readiness!

07 Aug 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

A senior Green party bigwig had recently got a special Photo Shoot done by a group of veteran shutterbugs.



This politico’s name is also often mentioned these days as a possible Green party candidate for the upcoming big poll. 

This Green bigwig currently holding a high office that forbids party politics reportedly advocates selecting a winning candidate without causing factionalism within the party and he has already buckled down to organizational work behind the scene in case he becomes the party’s unanimous pick. The Photo Shoot was part of his campaign plan, they say. 

Meanwhile, the politico is said to have appealed to the old boys of his alma mater – a leading Buddhist school- to extend their support to him in the event of the party picking him as the candidate. 

Star-gazers too have assured him that he is now under the influence of very auspicious planetary combinations raising the prospect of a still higher office for him, they say.