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A Bigger, Better M.U.N

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The Model United Nations is returning with its third Chapter with opportunities for a much larger portion of Sri Lankan youth

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right. They are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood” -United Nations Charter, 1945

Diplomats’ Model United Nations is returning with its third Chapter with opportunities for a much larger portion of Sri Lankan youth who are willing to make a difference, on 23rd of 2020 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall. 

This year’s conference aims to create a bigger platform for the youth to learn, understand and get involved in the decision-making processes undertaken to develop target-oriented solutions for pressing issues. The future is truly in the hands of the youth. Diplomats’ MUN 2020 has therefore recognized and undertaken the responsibility of ensuring that the voices of young leaders from across the country are heard owing to our trilingual system of communication. With a target audience of around 600 delegates comprised of School Students, Immediate School Leavers, Undergraduates and recent Graduates, Diplomats Model United Nations 2020 aspires to bring Credibility towards Diplomacy, in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

Diplomats Model United Nations’ 2020 is all focused on the youth. The reason for the target community is that; on the process of building and improving Sri Lanka as a developed country, it is the duty and responsibility of a diplomatic model UN to make use of the youths’ ideas, negotiation, their diplomatic skills, leadership. At the end of the day, the vision of this Diplomats MUN 2020 would be to give a professional qualification for the youth.
Topics being youth-centric there are 8 councils to discuss the problems around the world.

General Assembly 1 (Disarmament and Security Council), General Assembly 3(Social, Cultural And Humanitarian Council/SOCHUM), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), United Nations Human Rights Council(UNHRC), United Nations Women(UNWOMEN), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC), United Nations Environmental Assembly(UNEA), United Nations Commission for Science and Technology for Development(UNCSTD) are the 8 committees in which Diplomats MUN is comprised of. 

This year’s Diplomats is a change when compared to the previous Model United Nations. Diplomats MUN’s main motive is to have deep discussions rather than common intense debates to find strategic solutions. Diplomats Model United Nations’ main objective is to facilitate students with a platform to actively participate in a simulation of the different committees that make up the United Nations. Not only about finding solutions to the complicated global problems but the conference also must provide an incredible opportunity to find out about the worldwide issues and political procedures, while serving them as a platform to practise communication and negotiation skills that will be an advantage for a lifetime. This year’s diplomats’ is not only about choosing the best delegate but also to design a framework to improve the delegates’ diplomatic thinking skills.

Diplomats model united nations conference is running under the guidance of the Managing Director  Rohitha Samarawikrama, the Director on foreign Affairs Andrew Amarasinghe and the Director on Local Affairs Nelaka Kularathne.    



"Diplomats Model United Nations’ 2020 is all focused on the youth. The reason for the target community is that; on the process of building and improving Sri Lanka as a developed country,"



The United Nations Organization commonly known as UNO was established in 1945 after World War II to prevent such adversities in the future. According to the Charter, the organization’s objectives include maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development, and upholding international law. 

Model UN began as a series of a student-led model league of Nations simulations. In model UN’s students step up into the shoes of ambassadors representing the member nations of the United Nations organization to discuss and negotiate about the most pressing problems of the current world.

Model United Nations (Also Model UN or MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. The participants (known as delegates) present themselves as diplomats representing a country or an international non-governmental organization in a simulated session of a committee of the United Nations. Participants research about a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems. 

With this concept of model united nations entering the Sri Lankan school arena, a group of young charismatic individuals started the first chapter of Diplomats Model United Nations conference in 2016 and moved on to the 2nd chapter as Diplomats MUN 2019 which was successfully held on 24th of February 2019 at University of Kelaniya.

Dumindu Wijesinghe serves as the Secretary-General of Diplomats MUN 2020, leading the secretariat and the executive committee in this mammoth task in creating a diplomatic platform for the youth of Sri Lanka. Hence the conference is aimed at choosing young blood in being the voice of the society, this will be the ideal place for the future leaders to raise their voice and collaborate in making a better future for mankind. Join with Diplomats 2020 and be there on 23rd of Feb 2020 at BMICH, Colombo to keep a little step forward in making a better Sri Lanka, a better world.