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One month after.... Helping them heal

21 May 2019 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      



The 21st of April 2019 - Easter Sunday, will always be etched in the hearts of Sri Lankans as a day which brought forth a terrible tragedy to our little island. Three simultaneous bombings which took place at three separate churches, followed by three major tourist hotels and two other isolated suicide bombings, shook our peaceful nation to its very core. More than two hundred and fifty men, women and little children were left dead and hundreds  sustained injuries. No words can or ever will be able to describe the pain and agony caused to the families that were left incomplete following these inhumane attacks. As a country, it is our  duty to put aside our differences of race, religion and culture and come together as one Sri Lankan family, to remember and honour the lives lost, and to be there for those affected by this devastating attack.