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An important aspect of Predictive Astrology

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In our previous article on the above topic we discussed the significance of prognosticating disease as well as the parts of the human body governed by each of the 12 signs and Houses and also the body parts and diseases ruled by the nine planets.       

We explained reminded our readers that Astrology is not Fatalism in that it does not say that something predicted by a study of planetary influences is inevitable. And the main purpose of Astrology is to predict a possible a misfortune or a fortune in advance to ready the native to meet the situation. 
If it is some misfortune, a disease or some other misfortune such as loss of wealth or a fatal accident, the native could take timely action to avert the eventuality or mitigate its adverse effect. 

Most students of Astrology may know that it is the 6th House in a horoscope that provides the clue to the nature of possible disease that could afflict a native. The 6th House if afflicted could, of course, create enemies and cause the native fall into debt as well.

As explained by Indian Jyotish Guru Dr. B.V. Raman in his celebrated work, Predictive Astrology, diseases are denoted by the 6th House, planets aspecting it, its lord and the Navamsa occupied by the 6th lord. 

The significators or karakas for the 6th House are Saturn and Mars and their strengths or weaknesses also should be taken into account when assessing the 6th House with regard to ascertaining the possibility of disease, the nature of the disease and the part or the parts of the body to be adversely affected. 

The Zodiacal sign falling in the 6th House signifies the affected the part or parts of the body. And its lord signifies the nature of diseases likely to be caused by it. It is noteworthy that each afflicted planet associated with the 6th House can cause more than one disease during its Maha Dasa or Antar Dasa. 

In the previous article we discussed the planetary combinations that could cause specific diseases. Here are some more planetary combinations that portend serious health problems.

  • Abdominal diseases and appendicitisafflict the native when the Sun and the Moon transit in the Virgo sign.
  • Enteric disorders and bowel diseases are caused when the Sun in the 6th House aspected by Saturn. 
  • Jupiter posited in Virgo afflicted by malefic aspects or otherwise causes diarrhea.
  • Evil planets posited in the 6th House aspected by evil planets when Mars and Venus aspect the Ascendant cause chronic constipation.
  • Native would suffer from leprosy if the Moon is afflicted by Saturn in Aries (which governs the pituitary gland) while the Moon also is badly influenced by Mars.
  • Mars and Venus together in the 7th House aspected by malefics portend the inflammation of testicles.
  • Native would suffer from diseases in the anus if the Moon is in Cancer or Scorpio in Rashi Chakra or Navamsa Chakra powerfully aspected by malefics. 
  • The Moon in the Ascendant when Saturn, Mars and the Sun are in the 12th, 2nd and the 7th Houses respectively cause white leprosy.
  • Native becomes a cripple if the Moon is in the 10th, Mars is in the 7th and Saturn in the 2nd from the Sun. 
  • The Moon hemmed in between Saturn and Mars when the Sun is in Capricorn port ends asthma and pneumonia.
  • Consumption is to be prognosticated if the Sun and the Moon Exchange Houses either the Rashi Chakra or the Navamsa Chakra. 
  • If the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn are placed in the 6th, 8th, 2nd or the 12th House respectively, the native would go blind.
  • The malefic planets in the 3rd, 5th, 9th and the 11thHouse devoid of beneficial aspects cause deafness. (the humor indicated by the strongest of these planets placed in any of these signs would cause the defect in hearing.) 
  • Native would suffer from toothache if the Moon, Sun and Mars are in the 7th House without beneficial aspects.
  • The weak Moon with Saturn in the 12th House causes insanity.
  • Native’s head would become bald if his Lagna is Aries, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius and the malefics aspect it powerfully.
  • Native falls victim to many diseases if Saturn is in the 5th or the 9th House aspected by malefics. 

(To be continued)