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They all will come under UNP alliance-Sajith

25 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

I am not aware of any move by the SLMC, JVP or the TNA to form an alliance

By Yohan Perera

Refuting reports that claimed the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) were exploring the possibility of forming an alliance to contest at the upcoming General Elections, Leader of Opposition Sajith Premadasa yesterday said all these parties would end up joining the UNP-led Samagi Jana Balawegaya. 

Mr Premadasa came up with this remark in response to a question raised by journalists during a press conference held at the Parliamentary Complex yesterday.

“I am not aware of any move by the SLMC, JVP or the TNA to form an alliance. But I would clearly say that all these parties would ultimately end up joining our Samagi Balawegaya,” Mr Premadasa said.
Premadasa also reiterated his call for the SLFP to join the Samagi Jana Balawegaya. He initially invited the SLFP to join the alliance on Sunday.
Empathizing on the claim that is made by the Government that the Opposition had prevented an opportunity in which all Sri Lankan people could have enjoyed the Sinhala-Hindu New Year, Premadasa said it was the Government that took the opportunity away. “It was no one else but the Government which prevented the people from enjoying the New Year by making wrong decisions which had led to a fall of State revenue from Rs. 600 billion. The Government claims that it has foregone this Rs. 600 billion revenue loss to give relief to the people through tax cuts. However, people are yet to receive these tax concessions,” he added.

He said the Government had continually accused the Opposition of preventing development work by opposing the resolution to amend the Vote on Account.

The truth he said was that the Opposition was never against the spending of funds for development.



I am not aware of any move by the SLMC, JVP or the TNA to form an alliance