Lahiru issues clarification

2011-02-24 14:00:51

By Gandhya Senanayake

Popular Sri Lankan singer Lahiru Perera today expressed his deepest regrets and apologies to any person or party that may have been offended by this song, which was recently banned due to its "insulting" lyrics.

Reportedly the song known as “Enna” was banned after directions were received by President Mahinda Rajapaksa who thought the song was of poor taste.Government and private radio and television channels also stopped broadcasting the song after it was banned.

Releasing a statement he added -

Clarification regarding ‘Enna’ Cricket song by Lahiru Perera

I am extremely distressed by the negative publicity that has arisen concerning my song “Enna” which was launched as a cheer for our National Cricket Team.

While I wholeheartedly respect and agree with the decision to refrain from playing my song, I would like to clarify several misconceptions concerning its lyrics.

Those who are aware of my style of songs would know that most are unconventional and novel. Songs like Rambari, Rathu Rata Kadju are such examples.

In line with my usual style I made the song ‘Enna’. As any cricket lover who has ever seen a big match in Sri Lanka or a Sri Lankan Cricket match is conversant with this style of cheer songs played and sung by people who cheer teams.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep regret and apologies to any person or party that may have been offended by this song. I would like to re-iterate that I did not intend to disrespect any country playing the ICC World Cup but only meant to produce a song that will be enjoyed as a cheer song by all Sri Lankan’s. (Daily Mirror online)

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  • Enrico Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:09

    Now that I know the song is by Lahiru Perera, I would really like to hear it......

    Reply : 18       62

    Lakmal Thursday, 24 February 2011 23:43

    You can watch it over youtube.

    Reply : 1       10

    Lanka Hamaduru Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:12

    before you do, you should have thought about this towice...Do not think only the money.....Think about the prestige and qualities

    Reply : 74       54

    Ane Manda Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:17

    Good one Lahiru, accept ban as a true gentleman.

    Reply : 13       135

    kumaraya Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:38

    A true gentleman would never compose such lyrics.

    Reply : 73       74

    I Hussein Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:26

    Why didnt you think about it in the first place that it has no class or meaning.
    Real good artists have been pushed away because of the swarming of mushroom con-artists.
    No quality anymore to enjoy.

    Reply : 28       60

    Sumie Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:31

    hm.. i have not heard this song yet, but I respect this man for his humble response. It's an example for other artistes too.

    Reply : 10       59

    I Hussein Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:37

    Grow up LAHIRU', you are still at 'LADHARU' stage.

    Reply : 58       38

    RW Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:47

    MR is over reacting.... this song is alright. There have been worse and far disrespectful songs in the past. I'm sure the aussies and kiwis don't even care.

    Reply : 48       38

    Matalan Friday, 25 February 2011 01:19

    I couldn't have said it better! Thanks RW!!

    Reply : 17       17

    nihal Friday, 25 February 2011 06:08

    This is present day ethics. We dont judge a thing good or bad by what people feel or how they respond to it. We judge it by its content and by whether it promotes or demotes general welfare.

    Reply : 0       5

    Yehiya-Doha Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:03

    This is not your fault. Country is seaming same way.

    Reply : 40       33

    Jay Ranaweera Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:41

    Yehiya, your comment is not unusual as always your intention is to insult the Govt.

    Reply : 25       47

    Anushka Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:16

    I wouldn't be surprised if some minister decides to bring up a regulatory board for music because of moronic incidents like this.

    Reply : 11       29

    srinath.gunaratne Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:20

    The problem of role models to role models to role models to ......

    Reply : 5       11

    Game Kolla Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:44

    I think there is a presidential advicer to music. What is Rohana Weerasinghe doing as a adviser.?

    Reply : 5       22

    Sicillain Thursday, 24 February 2011 15:54

    This is auto publicity. Now I am youtubing it.

    Reply : 6       24

    M.Jayatunga Thursday, 24 February 2011 16:19

    Until the President heard it all the idiots kept quite


    Reply : 8       47

    pundit Friday, 25 February 2011 01:05

    quiet not quite

    Reply : 8       7

    citze silva Friday, 25 February 2011 01:10

    How about the language used by our so called leaders ?

    Reply : 5       21

    C.K.Lankaputhra Friday, 25 February 2011 01:14

    Is this the only song of poor taste?

    Reply : 5       10

    Cobra Friday, 25 February 2011 02:35

    Lahiru, no use apologizing after the damage was done. Firstly you displayed lack of ethics. Secondly, you have a promoter and distributor who share the same low ethics as yours. You have not only insulted those countries and their teams but also our boys who have the highest marks for courtesy in the world of cricket. Pooh to you and may your tribe decrease!

    Reply : 16       9

    hb Friday, 25 February 2011 02:57

    Its not lahiru's fault at all. The person(s) who approved the song to be used as the 'official cheer song' is the one who should apologize.

    Reply : 1       24

    Neil Horadagoda Friday, 25 February 2011 03:03

    Well done Lahiru. You've done something which our people are not used to and never done by our politicians. It is indeed heartening to note that young people like you lead the way to a decent society; we all make mistakes, but apologizing for such errors and taking responsibility of the deed is a reflection of your character. Cheers. Neil

    Reply : 2       22

    Kolitha Friday, 25 February 2011 05:08

    I would like to highlight the following from Lahiru's explanation & I totally agree with him.

    As any cricket lover who has ever seen a big match in Sri Lanka or a Sri Lankan Cricket match is conversant with this style of cheer songs played and sung by people who cheer teams.

    Reply : 0       10

    Lalindra Friday, 25 February 2011 05:12

    all of you can listen to Lahiru's song via youtube

    Reply : 0       5

    Really? Friday, 25 February 2011 10:18

    OMG you are a genius.. life saver.. nobody's ever heard of youtube before :S

    Reply : 0       1

    Amritananda Friday, 25 February 2011 05:50

    I appreaciate the humbleness of the artists. Poor quality of song stated by politician is difficult to accept as our politicians always praise what favour their party, even if they are bad, and if somehow something goes aganist their favour, they have much to say about it. But one you should have thought that Austrailia and New Zealand teams are our guests. we have responsibility to treat all our guests warmly. In order to praise our home team we should never insult other teams. so you have done big mistake, don't repeat it again.

    Reply : 0       4

    Managala Friday, 25 February 2011 06:45

    Lahiru is very unconventional artist though this song posses problems it needs to be accepted that when it is cheer song there is lot of things needs to be think of and this song need not be banned but cannot be a national cheer song it is not suitable for that but lahiru's style is in our blood thats true sri lanka style..

    Reply : 0       7

    Buddhika Saturday, 26 February 2011 03:00

    This is an eye opener for most of our new artists in Sri Lanka.Ethics and culture is a question always. We need to correct it.Senior officials should guide our talent youngsters. Lahiru is a gentleman to apologize. He is talented but he can change his style to produce exclusive productions

    Reply : 0       1

    Jaminda Mendis Saturday, 26 February 2011 03:49

    You have lost all due respect we had towards you. Poor taste altogether. Mr. Perera - think twice before you do something.

    Reply : 1       0

    tinku Saturday, 26 February 2011 04:15

    It was a good song Lahiru, there is nothing wrong in the song....
    all people who looks at it in a negative way i assume has never been to a cricket match or even a school big match.....
    we all know that its for the fun of it that we say stuff while cheering....

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