Harin resigns

2014-08-05 09:03:50

UNP Badulla District Parliamentarian Harin Fernando resigned from the Parliament a short while ago to contest the forthcoming Uva Provincial Council Elections.

Prior to his resignation, he made a speech in Parliament saying he had taken this historic decision in the greater interests of his party and his voters in the Badulla District.

“It is a hard decision to resign from this House and contest the provincial council elections as an opposition member.  It is an easy task for a ruling party member. On one occasion an opposition member resigned from Parliament but that was to contest an election on the government ticket. That is an easy decision. But, I am taking a serious and difficult decision,” he said apparently referring to the resignation of Dayasiri Jayasekara from the House as a UNP MP to contest the election on the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) ticket. (KB/YP)

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  • Money & packs Tuesday, 5 August 2014 09:20

    why is that present government given him millions and packs like what happened to Kurenegala chief minister?

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    we need Peace Tuesday, 5 August 2014 09:30

    well said by money and packs. Now government will make all round - up to win even spending millions from people funds to keep one family government on safe side. Therefore as voters we should be cheated on this present regime. let us open our eyes and make the right choice,,,,we do not want corruption and racism, less development in this country rather than THE ROADS..we need peace and harmony among Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims. SLPF SHOULD LEARN TO WIN BY PEOPLES HEART AND THTEIR VOTES AND NOT BY THE JILMART OR BUY SOME ONE GIVING MILLIONS FROM THE CONCERNED DISTRICTS..WE LEANRT THIS IN THE PAST SO WE VOICE NOW TO PUBLIC TO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE

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    ayo magy-apachey Tuesday, 5 August 2014 09:48

    government has started in hunting in UVA district for up-coming election in buying ministers and supporters giving facility's and packers including farmers in the UVA province.
    please DO NOT BE CHEATED

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    TRYING2 CROSSOVER Tuesday, 5 August 2014 09:51

    un okoma andimata akthuwala aaachita haaala karanda yanwada mn da apa.. IS HE TRYTING TO CROSS OVER FOR PACKS?

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    punchi Banda Tuesday, 5 August 2014 09:54


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    Iqbal Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:08

    Vote JVP or SF

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    ryan Tuesday, 5 August 2014 11:02

    Vote JVP or SF if blood bath needed

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    Marikkar Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:14

    Noselana Obata Jaya Niyathay Harin. Uva people will not forsake you. All the best to the regime change move ....Jayawewa

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    Public Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:15

    All the best Harin! Do not with Jilmart, with head Smart.

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    samaraweera Badulla Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:23

    Mr. Harin we still can not forget your speeches and your media speeches......You suddenly lost your quality by big NOTES and PACKS by the regime culprits to change your mentality like this. As an educated man you behave like this for cheap quality? if you cross over, surely we will not support you any more. Im samaraweera from Badulla and you know me well how I work for your election rallies. But this time it will be different if you cross over and you will see the election result. DO NOT IMAGINE YOU ALSO ALSO GET HIGHEST PREFRENCIAL VOTES LIKE KURUNEGALA CHEIF MINISTER GOT...PEOPLE LEANRT SO AND THEY ARE NOT FOOL EIGHTER..SO YOU WILL SEE THE ELECTION RESULT.

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    Colombo man Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:24

    So Government purchasing is started now in the market? Why do not try this in Colombo manineng market

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    Asokamala Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:27

    Some people commenting here trying to create an impression on voters mind that you are going to betray them. Hope people will not get caught in these dirty tactics deployed by henchmen of d family.

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    Sagara Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:34

    good luck Harin Fernando. You are great

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    Ravi Raj Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:45

    [quote name="Sagara"]good luck Harin Fernando. You are great[/quote]

    Great for with Low quality regime?

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    Jayantha Jayamanne Tuesday, 5 August 2014 16:14

    No doubt Harin Fernando will become the CM this time.

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    Fernando Tuesday, 5 August 2014 10:56

    You are Great and all minorities will support you.

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    Jayantha Jayamanne Tuesday, 5 August 2014 16:13

    Definitely, you should win and show Dayasiri who you are. Yes, you can do it and prove it son. Go ahead.... good luck.

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    Izmy Tuesday, 5 August 2014 12:10

    It seems many new members have joined to comment after Harin's decision today ,critising it. FUNNY not familiar names.

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    AB Tuesday, 5 August 2014 17:32

    Good luck. Please make a voice about assisting pensioners under a new government. Pensioners also deprived of getting a income for living as interest Has been lowered for deposits made out t their retirement benefits. They are with you all if a scheme is suggested for this category of citizens. via DM Android App

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    Jagath Tuesday, 5 August 2014 23:46

    Good luck Hiran! you would be the CM this time if people have brains to understand the truth. After your victory there would be big turns in politics. However pls make sure not to give any oppertunity for currupted people in this regime.

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    dass Wednesday, 6 August 2014 01:06

    Good luck ! fx the regime

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    garf Wednesday, 6 August 2014 06:09

    Best wishes Harin . You can prove that you are from a different caliber of men who do not get carried away for money and perks .

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    Dissa Wednesday, 6 August 2014 06:41

    another sub opposition leader via DM Android App

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    hemantha Wednesday, 6 August 2014 07:28

    Good Luck Harin, no doubt that you will win this election.

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    Srilankan citizen Wednesday, 6 August 2014 10:57

    All Srilankans proud of your grater decision. via DM Android App

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    Kapil Wednesday, 6 August 2014 12:46

    Please bring some decency and law & order to provincial politics. Wish you all the best. via DM Android App

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