SL ranked 165 in 2014 WPF Index

2014-02-12 12:39:26

Sri Lanka had been ranked 165th in the list of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2014, Reporters without Borders said in its annual report.

This trend constitutes a growing threat worldwide and is even endangering freedom of information in countries regarded as democracies. Finland tops the index for the fourth year running, closely followed by the Netherlands and Norway, and just as last year, Finland and Eritrea were placed at first and 180th respectively.

The report further revealed that India had been ranked 140th in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index. At the other end of the index, the last three positions were once again occupied by Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea. This year’s index covers 180 countries, one more than last year. The new entry, Belize, has been assigned an enviable position (29th).

There are many examples of governments abusing the “fight against terrorism.” In Turkey (154th), dozens of journalists have been detained on this pretext, above all those who cover the Kurdish issue. In Sri Lanka, that was placed 165th, (- 2), the army shapes the news by suppressing accounts that stray too far from the official vision of “pacification” in the former Tamil separatist strongholds, Reporters without Borders said.

It said that in Israel (96th), the territorial integrity that was imperative, often suppresses freedom of information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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  • Vibash Wednesday, 12 February 2014 13:14

    Edward Snowdon told the world about the freedom in those super free countries. Another manipulation of so called "freedom Hippocrates'! Good Luck for them.

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    wickrama Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:17

    Don't be stupid. Snowden is not from Finland or Norway.

    And he was not talking about press freedom of USA. He exposed spying programs.

    With foolish people like you, SL has no future.

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    ind Thursday, 13 February 2014 04:42

    See the color pattern in each country. Very clearly identify that West-ally good. Non-west ally Bad. That is the difference.

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    Truth Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:40

    Press freedom and spying are two different things.. In Sri Lanka the reporters would have been killed had they reported a similar news. But in the US news reporters were allowed to report about Snowdon!!!

    Reply : 1       1

    sarat Wednesday, 12 February 2014 15:02

    Another word , you are just fine with current level of press freedom in the country? Our citizens are turning into bunch of Village Idiots.... I know we are better than that.

    Reply : 0       2

    freedom Wednesday, 12 February 2014 13:44

    it should be 180th

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    Lokka Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:19

    165th place is more than enough when considering the biased journalism carried on by some in this country.

    Reply : 0       4

    interceptor Thursday, 13 February 2014 05:32

    Lap Top Journalism....!!!!!!!

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    RamUK Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:59

    time for celebrations (not 180)....may be we should look if there is any list documented by the mighty China we may be second behind them....

    Reply : 0       1

    Suq Madique Thursday, 13 February 2014 05:21

    Seems another case of punishment for not towing the Int'l community line....if we abide by all their demands we will be #1.

    0       0

    Saman Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:01


    Reply : 0       1

    KING Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:24

    we should be the no 1, we give one way free ticket to journalist !!! buhhaaaa

    Reply : 0       0

    Mike Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:25

    Rating as expected soon to worst -more than a wonder to see 165th Position with the Culprit with all the thuggery they should have been the last due to all the past and ongoing crimes against the innocents and theft

    Reply : 0       0

    Prometheus Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:29

    No surprises. And as usual Scandinavian countries take the top spots.

    Reply : 0       0

    investigator Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:34

    one of the last happy very inteligent voters.

    Reply : 0       0

    nalaka Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:35

    In 2013 we were 163th... we lost by 2 this year.

    Reply : 0       3

    sarat Wednesday, 12 February 2014 14:38

    So I guess we have fallen behind countries like Zimbabwe and North Korea when it comes to journalistic freedom. After all there could not be more than 168 countries in this entire earth. Why are we so afraid to press freedom? Then again ,when was the last time we as a nation truly had any press freedom????

    Reply : 0       2

    Bawanis Kalubaba Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:02

    No its wrong, it should be 180th place out of 180 countries.

    Reply : 0       0

    ABC Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:34

    We should collectively aim to achieve 180th position! Pl help the govt to achieve the target!!

    Reply : 0       0

    Ruwan Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:31

    Our Govt. does not need ANY help to achieve that. They are well and truly on the path by themselves!

    Reply : 0       0

    Don Bandula Thursday, 13 February 2014 03:57

    15 points ahead of the "last man" Sri Lanka!!!

    Reply : 0       0

    lkboy Thursday, 13 February 2014 05:28

    I just read it as 'WTF' index.

    Reply : 1       0

    pol ibba Thursday, 13 February 2014 06:13

    With the kind of press we have it is dangerous to give them freedom. That is what this ranking says.

    Reply : 0       1

    Ruwan Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:00

    Who is to blame for our ranking? This corrupt Govt. of course!

    Reply : 0       0

    Calistus Jayatilleke Thursday, 13 February 2014 10:07

    We are fast approaching the 180th position surpassing pariah nations such as North Korea and then we can declare ourselves as the Miracle of Asia.

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