SLPP blasts RW for meeting envoys at Temple Trees

2018-12-07 17:01:43

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) today criticized United National Party (UNP) Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe for meeting foreign ambassadors and high commissioners at Temple Trees on Wednesday.

MP Shehan Semasinghe said entertaining foreign envoys at Temple Trees was a misuse of public property.

“The UNP still continues to venerate foreign embassies and high commissions. How can a prime minister who was removed from the post entertain envoys at Temple Trees? Today, the official residence of the prime minister is being used for conspiracies. It has become a haven for conspirators," he told a news briefing.

Mr. Semasinghe said the UNP had failed to nominate someone other than Mr. Wickremesinghe to the post of Prime Minister because of an internal crisis in the party.

“President Maithripala Sirisena has clearly said he would not reappoint Mr. Wickremesinghe to the post of prime minister. But the UNP has been unable to put nominate another member because of internal issues," he said.

Commenting on the recent parliamentary sessions, Mr. Semasinghe said Speaker Karu Jayasuriya should be held responsible for convening these sessions by spending tax payers money. “All these sessions were held to promote one political party,” he said. (Lahiru Pothmulla)

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  • channa Friday, 7 December 2018 17:48

    can't expect a mosquito to produce honey. like wise can't expect a democratic act from a person like you

    Reply : 14       114

    Sri lankan Friday, 7 December 2018 18:28

    Hey idiot ....Does your SLPP has guts to have a secret ballot to select your leader ...if you have the guts go and suggest to your leader and then see what happens you !!!

    Reply : 12       58

    Tom Friday, 7 December 2018 17:48

    Loss of earnings making these guys very angry!

    Reply : 8       93

    Jim Kuru Friday, 7 December 2018 17:49

    Funny statement

    Reply : 12       80

    Mandy Friday, 7 December 2018 18:11

    Stupis to say: UNP has been unable to put nominate another member because of internal issues. It is because of unity that only Ranil is proposed.

    Reply : 5       52

    abc Friday, 7 December 2018 17:50

    Worry about your own party

    Reply : 8       82

    Sofia Friday, 7 December 2018 18:11

    Yes your party is only selling MR.

    Reply : 2       40

    Dhammika Friday, 7 December 2018 17:51

    When you in the SLPP/SLFP does it , its OK . When UNP does it its WRONG .

    Reply : 8       76

    Bala Friday, 7 December 2018 18:14

    UNP have many probables like Sajith

    Reply : 2       26

    Cisco Friday, 7 December 2018 17:52

    RW met his masters. Plan from diaspora is there to complete. RW is the forefront of it.

    Reply : 84       18

    Nalin Friday, 7 December 2018 18:27

    Thanks for letting the public know but right now no one cares what u say

    Reply : 2       42

    tommy Friday, 7 December 2018 17:55

    This man thinks that when he speaks in high pitch, everything he says become correct.

    Reply : 1       43

    Anton Friday, 7 December 2018 18:04

    I wonder where this stupid gutterwas when the voters were given free meals at Temple Trees just before elections.

    Reply : 1       37

    Slex Friday, 7 December 2018 18:09

    Who are you? Dont throw stones while you are in glass houses. We cant live without other countries. Stop embarassing the west. Your leaders were extremely poor in maintaining a healthy relationship with the rest.

    Reply : 1       40

    mahinda Dxb Friday, 7 December 2018 18:12

    you think any foreign dignitaries will accept this type of idiots

    Reply : 2       34

    Dee Friday, 7 December 2018 18:16

    2/3 ok? Double check?

    Reply : 1       23

    Samson Friday, 7 December 2018 18:17

    You should have got RW out of TT. What your party does is correct while what others do are all wrong, excellent piece of democracy.

    Reply : 0       21

    Siripala Friday, 7 December 2018 18:18

    Does Srilanka need politicians

    Reply : 1       12

    Citizen Friday, 7 December 2018 20:01

    Answer: NO

    Reply : 0       12

    Sarwan Friday, 7 December 2018 18:18

    A mind that is brain washed cannot see truth and justice. That mind can only see thru a tinted glass and make wrong judgement

    Reply : 1       24

    Shelley Friday, 7 December 2018 18:38

    Semasinghe twists his boneless toung 380 dgs. spilling out venom. For how long will it work?

    Reply : 1       26

    BSP Friday, 7 December 2018 18:53

    Drastic problems require drastic solutions

    Reply : 0       18

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