Interim order for Gota extended

2017-12-06 11:24:42

The interim order, preventing FCID from taking action against Gotabaya Rajapaksa under the Public Property Act, was extended till December 15 by the Court of Appeal today.

A petition was filed by former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa seeking for an order to prevent action being taken against him under the Public Property Act by the FCID, alleging misappropriation during construction of the D.A. Rajapaksa Memorial Museum. (S.S. Selvanayagam and Farook Thajudeen)


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  • fucka balanaya Wednesday, 6 December 2017 11:47

    this konda natie panalaya will not do their job to send the thieves to jail forever. Big drama is going on by konda natie palanaya

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    Nothing happened Wednesday, 6 December 2017 12:01

    Becos big thieves blood mixed with small thieves.. thats why everything dragging. Nothing happened so far whatever promised during the election in 2015

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    hunA Wednesday, 6 December 2017 19:20

    Every time, when GR is to be arrested for questioning, he's is provided a safe net by the same law stopping it. And it goes on and on and on..... If the law provisions to stop another 'law' being action, where's the end to this funny story?

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    Kalana Wednesday, 6 December 2017 11:50

    In Sri ,Lanka laws are only applied for innocent poor people.When it comes to rich ,powerful,thugs,who robbed millions,justice has always been delaying.

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    Burt Wednesday, 6 December 2017 12:14

    If you want justice you need to clean-up the system. It will never happen but you would have to out source and have foreign judges. The system so corrupt you cannot pick the good from the bad.

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    voter Wednesday, 6 December 2017 12:13

    As long as RW is PM nothing will happen to anyone of the MR clan. All these are for public consumption only.

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    Understand this Wednesday, 6 December 2017 12:33


    Reply : 6       22

    De Silva Wednesday, 6 December 2017 12:48

    Request for Foreign judges justified. This shows the partiality of our judges

    Reply : 6       38

    Unchikun Wednesday, 6 December 2017 13:03

    What sale I rob, a bank, state property, five mangoes or a coconut? The most vulnerable will be the last two options. No wonder Sri Lanka have a low ranking in the justice index.

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    ceylon Wednesday, 6 December 2017 13:34

    lanka is the thieves paradise.president to pm are thievesso they protect other thieves.billions pasing hands.replace sirisena and ranil with ranjan and ajith p. via DM Android App

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    ceylon Wednesday, 6 December 2017 13:37

    what a shameless thief.lived usa wirhout a push bycicle.cant steal there.came to lanka and stolen billions.even from fathers memorial stolen money. via DM Android App

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    Ajja Wednesday, 6 December 2017 14:12

    That is why we are castigated as a Third world country. The leaders too are third grade helping the recpectable crooks.Now we realize that the people who brought them to power too are third class people.All leaders in Srilanka are worse than Mugabe's of Zimbabwe ...

    Reply : 2       26

    ceylon Wednesday, 6 December 2017 14:15

    sri lankan government is one of the ten most corrupt in the world.everything roberies.everywhere thieves. via DM Android App

    Reply : 2       27

    Jaliya Wednesday, 6 December 2017 15:33

    And this government is doing a very good job of maintaining that position within the most 10 corrupt list.

    Reply : 2       19

    Saras Wednesday, 6 December 2017 16:11

    We do not know whether the "Law is Blind" or" we are blind."

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    Dee Wednesday, 6 December 2017 16:16

    Cowardof a war hero. Shameless.

    Reply : 6       26

    surath Wednesday, 6 December 2017 16:31

    This bastard must be strungup a jack tree and shot a thousand times ,absolute filthy bastardthis paraya is being protected by RW and sirisenathis cold blodded murderer must shot openly in parliament

    Reply : 5       29

    max Wednesday, 6 December 2017 17:03

    Commentating yahapalana catchers were so upset it seems. The court decision is welcomed by law-abide majority of people in SL.

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    Park Wednesday, 6 December 2017 18:03

    Sri Lankan Judiciary has gone to dogs. There is no way SL can protect itself from the demands of UN to have foreign judges. Although the expectations were high when the new Minister of Justice was appointed but it now appears that things have become worst since she took over. What is the President going to do about this?

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    cisco Wednesday, 6 December 2017 18:27

    Anybody commented above knows the charges via DM Android App

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    Frustrated Wednesday, 6 December 2017 18:58

    Helpless people are watching the drama enacted by the thieves on both sides. Is it a pipe dream to expect good governance in this country?

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    Labby Wednesday, 6 December 2017 19:05

    Utterly disgusting. Is this justice?

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    Patrick Wednesday, 6 December 2017 20:15

    When Sujeewa said privileges breached it is wrong. But this one rather than facing the accuser is hiding. Isn't it the same. Both rather than facing the accuser and proving that they are innocent trying to hide behind privileges and loop holes in the law.So they all have something to hide.

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    Simon Thursday, 7 December 2017 18:05

    Justice ? Where is thy sting ?

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