Mighty hurry to arrest Yoshitha but not for E'pitiya violators: MR

2016-02-01 23:01:23

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that the urgency to arrest Yoshitha Rajapaksa, was not there to arrest those involved in the Embilipitiya incident.

“Despite the Magistrate’s order to arrest those involved in the Embilipitiya incident, no arrest have been made so far, but what was the hurry to arrest Yoshitha Rajapaksa?” the former President said in Kandy today.

After visiting the Sri Dalada Maligawa, the former President also said every individual who were with him were subjected to some kind of harassment by the government.

“Tomorrow, they would call me and ask me to come for questioning and would be arrested. Gotabaya and Basil would be taken in. Shiranthi would be questioned. There is pressure mounted on all those who were around me. When I was in power did I take any revenge? , " he asked.
The reason that Yoshitha was arrested, was not because any revenge with him, but there was a score to settle with me,” the former President said.

When asked whether he was ready to solve these problems amicably with President Maithripala Sirisena, the former President said, “How can I solve the problem? Those henchmen around were pressurizing to take action against us. Although I am an advisor to the SLFP, no one takes my advice.”

Commenting on the forthcoming local government elections, he said he had no idea how the election would be held. “We are also waiting for the election. I have enough experience holding elections.

Former members of the local bodies want me to come and help them. That was their request and not mine. We are waiting to watch the people’s mandate at the election,” he added. (J.A.L Jayasinghe)

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  • Asokamala Tuesday, 2 February 2016 04:02

    Who says he was arrested in a hurry. There was a big delay in arresting not only him, but the others to be arrested soon. This was due to the proper legal proceedings no political interference. The Country knows how you arrested SF.

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    rajs26 Tuesday, 2 February 2016 04:15

    "the family" had been swindling the country for the last ten years.

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    fawzan Tuesday, 2 February 2016 05:21

    You lost your credibility and honor long back. I am sorry say that you will be better off by keep your mouth shut.

    Reply : 1       2

    Mark Tuesday, 2 February 2016 05:24

    Investigation took one year stop making stuff up. Then again this is the master of lies and disceat.

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    Nilhan Jayawardene Tuesday, 2 February 2016 05:32

    Did you have any decency to do the right thing regarding law and order during your turn, Why crying now for wrong doings under your patronage by your family members.

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    BanisMama Tuesday, 2 February 2016 05:59

    Sorry Sir, i can not agree on that statement. Your son was taken in after one years of detailed investigations. The same will happen to Embilipitiya. We do not want repeats of the manner SF was arrested and prosecuted. You are lucky there is "Yahapalanaya" today.

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    Lankan Tuesday, 2 February 2016 10:10

    Probably you can contest in local government and become predate saba member in any southern local council.

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    Kiris Baba Amaray Tuesday, 2 February 2016 10:13

    You are wrong Sir, arrested SF without proper reason within few hours at Hilton. But your son is been investigated and found guilty for robbing 230 Million, its not pea nuts.

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    sathees Tuesday, 2 February 2016 10:19

    You ask ob you took revenge? How do we call the evens surrounding SF?

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    Muhandiram Tuesday, 2 February 2016 10:46

    Cheap political talk to fool the innocent masses which had its expiry date on Jan. 08, 2015

    Reply : 0       2

    Hari Tuesday, 2 February 2016 11:14

    Mahinda talk about Embillipiya!!! what about RATHU PASWELA???

    Reply : 0       2

    Rhonda Taylor Tuesday, 2 February 2016 12:50

    All these years you and your family were eating the main course.Now its dessert time

    Reply : 0       2

    oi oi Tuesday, 2 February 2016 13:07

    Wonder what was the mighty hurry then to arrest SF?? Talk of double standards, good for the mASSES!

    Reply : 1       2

    ffaizer Tuesday, 2 February 2016 14:56

    they did arrest embilipitiya asp today .... now what next you will harp on ?????????????????

    Reply : 0       2

    Mahinda R Tuesday, 2 February 2016 15:21

    sorry i will keep my mouth shut,I am wrong

    Reply : 0       2

    Prem Tuesday, 2 February 2016 17:03

    The case has been investigating for a long time,so ,having known that it is unsuitable for you to say so.

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