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Gas balloon causes bushfire on Balungala hill in Welimada

28 Jun 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Saman Palitha  Nanayakkara - Welimada

Investigations have revealed that the recent bushfire on the Balungala Hill in Welimada had been caused by a gas balloon.   

Badulla District Disaster Management Centre (DMC) expressed concern about the danger of haphazard flying of gas balloons for pleasure that resulted in emergency fires.   
Asst. Director of the Disaster Management Centre M. L. Udayakumara said the balloons turned out with paper and inflated by lighting a fire underneath rises skywards and comes down when they catch fire.   

The official pointed out that the balloons that come down with fire resulted in fire hazards in buildings, residential houses and bushfires. He said steps had been taken to arrest individuals flying gas balloons for pleasure.