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Peculiarities of minor lines and their significations Rascettes or Bracelets – Part 1

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We have already dealt with the peculiarities of the Head line, Heart line and the Life Line and their significations in detail and now we dwell on the peculiarities of minor lines  and their significations at length in a series beginning the article on the Line of Mars.

We propose to dwell in this article on the peculiarities of the Rascettes or Bracelets and their significations.

The Rascettes or the Bracelets are the lines that cross the wrist.  In most hands, there are three lines or Bracelets, but in others there may be only two or in some cases only one.  In ancient times, the Greeks have described these lines as Bracelets of Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Some Palmists also consider the characteristics of the three Bracelets for the purpose determining the age of the subject.

Now let us consider the peculiarities of the Bracelets of Rascettes and their significations.