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Sri Lanka steps up efforts to promote E-mobility

09 Dec 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • the government, in the past, has been exploring opportunities for shifting  from fossil fuel-based transport towards energy based transport system

The Cabinet has approved the preparation of a policy  framework and then a strategic plan with a road map to create the  direction needed to promote the use of electric vehicles, Transport  Minister Bandula Gunawardena said.   

Addressing a conference, the minister said the Sri Lankan  government, in the past, has been exploring opportunities for shifting  from fossil fuel-based transport towards energy based transport system.   
“Various initiatives in the form of policies and strategies  have been formulated along with studies and research to determine the  feasibility of initiating electric mobility in Sri Lanka.    Initiatives taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to date  include electric vehicle registration, defining standards and processes  for electric vehicle manufacturing and assembling, development of  charging infrastructure, and subsidy plan for Electric Vehicles, but a  comprehensive long-term vision for Electric Vehicle Policy was lacking  and required.   

This journey began when I had the opportunity to connect  with Mr Madan Regmi, who is here today, from UN ESCAP, during an  international mission to Manila who accepted my invitation to support  Sri Lanka in drafting a policy framework for accelerating the  Transition to Electric Mobility for Public Transport in Sri Lanka.  

As you may understand, a comprehensive document with legal  backing will help to bring all aspects related to Electric Mobility  together. The policy at national level will show way forward to all the  initiatives across the country and it will help to integrate the  standalone efforts to a collaborative initiative.   

The year 2024 will be declared as E-mobility entry year in Sri Lanka.    My Ministry is looking forward to taking this policy to  the implementation phase with the support of all related Government and  private sector stakeholders, and it is very important that we all  collaborate and partner to create a difference.   

In March 2024 we are planning to have an EV exhibition and a  conference to discuss and have a dialogue among us to agree on the  collaboration between ourselves, exchange global ideas and showcase all  initiatives within our country and also for investors to partner and  scale up national enterprises in this domain.   This will be a global initiative aimed at promoting  sustainable and efficient public transportation systems. This will  emphasise the importance of decarbonization in transport, reducing  individual vehicle usage, minimizing traffic congestion, and curbing the  environmental impact of transportation. I look forward to the support  of UN ESCAP and everyone here today to work with our Ministry in  navigating this process in March 2024 and beyond,” he said.