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She-elephant, calf rescued from agro-well

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  • Villagers and wildlife officials from Anuradhapura unite in the operation 

By B.G. Chaturanga   

In a heartwarming tale of human-animal cooperation, villagers and wildlife conservators in Anuradhapura, joined forces to rescue a distressed she elephant and her calf from a perilous situation.   

The dramatic rescue unfolded in Siyambalapathana, where the two elephants had inadvertently fallen into a farm well, leaving them stranded and starving for nearly two days. Officials estimated the she elephant to be around 30 years old, with her calf being just three years old.   

Upon discovering the plight of the trapped elephants, local residents rallied together with wildlife conservation authorities from the Anuradhapura Wildlife Office to devise a plan for their safe evacuation.   

Utilizing heavy machinery, a trench resembling a track was meticulously carved out from the well’s bottom, providing a lifeline for the distressed animals. With careful coordination and unwavering determination, the she elephant and her calf were gently guided along the newly created pathway to freedom.   
Once liberated from their watery confines, the relieved elephants were escorted to a nearby forest reserve, where they could roam freely again and forage for sustenance.