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Paramour slain in showdown with mistress’ husband

16 Apr 2024 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

By Amadoru Amarajeewa

In  a tragic turn of events, a 42-year-old person was fatally stabbed on  Sunday night at a residence in Galwala Junction, within the Serunuwara Police division. Hailing from Polonnaruwa, he had been residing there.

Investigations  unveiled that he had been cohabitating with a woman for approximately a  year, following her separation from her husband. The rift between the  couple escalated to divorce proceedings, prompted by the wife’s  clandestine relationship with him.
On the fateful Sunday night,  the woman’s estranged husband rushed to the residence and allegedly  stabbed him before fleeing the scene. The suspect remains at large,  prompting a thorough investigation by a police team led by OIC  Serunuwara Police, CI Duncan Gunawardene.
As the search for the  absconding suspect intensifies, the community is urged to cooperate with  authorities, providing any pertinent information to aid in the swift  resolution of this distressing case.