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Officials absent for online visa issuance discussion

15 May 2024 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • Committee on Public Finance expresses its strong displeasure  

 The Committee on Public Finance yesterday expressed its strong displeasure regarding the absence of officials from the Ministry of Public Security and the Immigration and Emigration Department for the discussion related to the issuance of online visas for foreigners visiting Sri Lanka.   

Issuing a statement, the Parliament Media Division said that the chairman of the committee pointed out that when the committee met earlier, the officials of this ministry and this department agreed to attend the committee yesterday, but suddenly giving notice on Monday evening and not attending the committee yesterday is seen as disrespect to the committee.  

He further pointed out that the notification was made after office hours and the fact given in the excuse cannot be approved. 

Because of this, it was decided to call this ministry and department to the committee again on another day to discuss the appointment of GBS-IVS and VFS Global as the authorized agent for online submission of visa applications for foreigners coming to Sri Lanka.  

The Committee met in Parliament yesterday (14) under the chairmanship of Member of Parliament (Dr.) Harsha De Silva.