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Key accomplice of ‘Kudu Salindu’ wanted over multiple crimes, extradited to Sri Lanka

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  • Police say the accomplice had also been overseeing a drug network from Dubai
  • A specialized team from the CID arrested him in Dubai and repatriated him to Sri Lanka for further investigation

By Darshana Sanjeewa Balasuriya  

Hapuarachchige Don Piyum Hastika alias ‘Piyuma,’ identified as a primary accomplice of the notorious drug trafficker Salindu Malshika alias ‘Kudu Salindu,’ was arrested in Dubai and extradited to Sri Lanka yesterday morning. 

Police said that ‘Piyuma’ had been overseeing a drug network from Dubai. A specialized team from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested him in Dubai and repatriated him to Sri Lanka for further investigation.  

It was revealed that the 26-year-old was involved in several crimes in the country. He was wanted in connection with a shooting on January 5, 2021 in Panadura North, where an individual was fatally shot. Police identified Piyuma Hastika as the eighth suspect in the case. However, when the CID attempted to arrest him, it was discovered that he had fled to Dubai on February 9, 2021. Accordingly, the CID obtained a red notice through INTERPOL for his extradition on November 2 of the same year.  

In addition, the suspect had orchestrated another shooting in June 2022, resulting in the deaths of two individuals in Moratuwa. Piyuma reportedly directed the shooting from Dubai under the instructions of Kudu Salindu.  

Meanwhile, financial transactions made by the suspect Piyuma Hasthika were discovered during the analysis of a mobile phone seized from Kudu Salindu’s possession.   
Between 06.07.2022 and 28.02.2023, it was revealed that the suspect had conducted transactions totaling Rs. 83 million on 53 occasions with Sadish Gunaratne, the elder brother of the main suspect, Kudu Salindu.