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Hospital says its a macerated stillbirth, parents seek justice

28 May 2024 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • Mother was informed of macerated stillbirth 
  • Parents accuse of not informing the cremation

By Sheain Fernandopulle  

In a heart-wrenching saga that has gripped Weligama, a young couple is seeking justice for their deceased newborn amidst confusion and accusations against hospital authorities.  

The ordeal began when 23-year-old Kavindya Madushani, from Yaddehiwatta Kohunugamuwa, Weligama, was referred to Matara New District General Hospital by a private doctor on the night of May 23rd to give birth to her first child.  

According to the hospital, Madushani gave birth at approximately 2:40 am on May 24th  

According to informed sources, the doctors informed her that the child had been a “macerated” fetus, indicating the baby had died well before delivery, exhibiting skin and soft-tissue changes typical of such cases.  

Initially, Madushani was unable to face taking the deceased child, and the hospital proceeded with cremation as per standard guidelines.  

However, the situation took a dramatic turn when she and her husband returned to the hospital, demanding to see their baby’s body.  

The couple alleged that the hospital authorities did not show them their child and proceeded with the burial without their consent.  

She insists she never saw her child and was shocked to find out about the cremation. “The hospital authorities buried my child without showing it to me,” she said.  

She also alleged that the hospital showed them a baby they believe is not theirs.  

However, the Matara Magistrate Aruna Buddhadasa has ordered an immediate DNA test of the baby showed to the couple along with a postmodern.  

Multiple attempts to contact Health Ministry Secretary and Director General of Health Services to get a comment regarding the incident failed. 



What is Macerated stillbirth

Macerated stillbirth is when a baby dies in the womb, and their body starts to break down or dissolve before birth. It usually happens over a period of time before delivery. MACERATED is having undergone reddening, loss of skin, and distortion of the features during retention in the uterus.  

Macerated stillbirth is stillbirth with presence of signs of maceration at the time of delivery and is used as a proxy for antepartum stillbirth while fresh stillbirth is stillbirth with fresh skin appearance and no signs of maceration at the time of delivery and is used as a proxy for intrapartum stillbirth.