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Digital Litha made available by Soorya

10 Apr 2024 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

40-year-old heritage brand Soorya honours the tradition and spirit of togetherness this season by presenting the new year auspicious times once again for everyone’s convenience so the public can find out the Nakath times in advance.  
An individual can access by simply using a smartphone to scan any Soorya matchbox. This enables access to the AR filter to view the Litha on the social media applications, Facebook and Instagram.   
The Digital Litha contains eight (08) auspicious times on important rituals such as Bathing in the old year, Dawn of the New Year, Punya Kaalaya, Lighting of the Hearth, Ganudenu, Partaking of Food, Anointing of Oil and Leaving for work in the New Year.   
Sourcing a Litha and constantly having to refer information can be a very inconvenient and time-consuming task, therefore Soorya Digital Litha offers easy reference for the entire household, the company said in a media release.