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Political ambition is greater than brotherly love!

07 Feb 2020 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

This blabby politico from a cool clime in the upcountry getting ready to enter the fray at upcoming general poll had found his own brother a formidable threat to his Diyawanna ambitions for the latter with ties to an opposition party had been planning to contest from the same district.  

So, the politico had secured a job for his brother in the States and the latter is no longer a threat to his political ambitions, they say.  

This politico suffered defeat at the last general poll but could enjoy a free ride to Diyawanna thanks to the ‘compassion’ of the party chief.   

Now that his brother who was an obstacle is out of the way, he is said to be electioneering with much confidence, they say.