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Important yogas in Vedic Astrology -   Part 4

Vedic Astrology gives an important place among predictive techniques to yogas or special combinations or configurations of planets in a horoscope. 

Special yogas identified at a glance in a horoscope enable the astrologer reading it to make a snapshot judgment of it: whether the native would achieve great success in life or he would remain in poor and humble circumstances till the end of his life, or whether despite being born into very humble circumstances, would achieve success in the course of time by dint of perseverance or under fortuitous circumstances etc.

In the previous articles we discussed a number of favourable yogas including the Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas. We propose to familiarize our readers with some more important yogas in this article. 

Chamara Yoga: This yoga is engendered when the Lagnadhipati (Ascendant lord) is exalted and occupies a quadrant receiving the powerful aspect of Jupiter or when there are two benefics posited in the Lagna, 7th or the 10th House.

Results: Native would be greatly respected by the rulers and the ruling class.  He would be a great conversationalist, a profound scholar and would enjoy long life. 

Shanka Yoga: This yoga occurs when the 10th lord or ascendant lord occupies a movable sign like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn and the 9th lord is powerful.  It is also caused when the 5th and 6th lords are in mutual quadrants from each other and the Lagnadhipati is powerful.

Results: Native would be fond of pleasures, learned in any sciences and philosophy. He is also philanthropic and would live at least up to 80 years. 

Sarada Yoga: This yoga is caused when Jupiter is in a trine from the Moon and Mars is in a trine to Mercury or Jupiter in the 11th from Mercury or the 10th lord occupies the 5th, Mercury in a quadrant and the Sun in his own sign. 

Results: Native would be a target of attraction of fair ladies.  He is devoted to religion and is a respecter of Gurus. He is also a patron of fine arts and sciences.  He would come in for praise from rulers and ruling class..