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What the peculiarities of Lines say Line of Heart

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The Heart line on the palm is as important as the Life and Head lines which we have already discussed.

Normal position
The Heart line normally originates from inside or under the Mount of Jupiter and runs across the upper portion of the palm and terminates at the percussion.

What the heart line represents
The Heart line, according to the well-known Palmistry expert Comte. Ce de Saint-Germain represents the circulation of blood and the action of the heart as far as one’s health is concerned. 
Some experts say that this line deals with the mechanism which controls the life stream and largely influences the health and the temperament of the subject.

Normally present in every hand 
The Heart line is a line that is normally present in every hand. However, there are rare cases, where there is one line which cannot be read as either the Heart line or the Head Line which is found running across the palm below the Mount of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury. In such cases, the accepted practice is to treat that line as the Head line and presume that the Heart line is absent. The lines in the hand are controlled by the brain and not by the Heart.  And this is the rationale for treating the rare odd line across the palm as the Head Line.  

The absence of the Heart line indicates that the subject is cruel, hard-hearted, cold blooded and utterly selfish. If the Heart line is missing from the hand, the subject is a bluffer and a big bully. 

The Heart line often rises from near or the inside of the Mount of Jupiter.  It in certain cases originates from the Mount of Saturn or from below it. 

The Heart line rising from the Mount of Jupiter says that love or affection for the subject is an ideal, something sacred and sublime which deserves to be held in honour and high esteem.  

(See Figure 1)
When the line rises from between the Mounts and Saturn the subject is down to earth where love is concerned.  He is not carried away by sentiment. He is guided by common sense. (See Figure 2)

When the Heart line rises from the Mount of Saturn, the love for the subject is a mere passion – a mere biological need. (See figure 3)

The Heart line inclining towards the Head line indicates that the subject is guided by reason rather than by sentiment. (See Figure 4)

If the Heart line stops after running a short distance, it indicates that the subject would suffer a serious physical handicap, or an infirmity at the age signified by the point at which the line terminates. The sudden ending means heart would cease to function. (See figure 5)

If the Heart line is placed very high in the hand close to the fingers, the subject is passionate and of a jealous disposition. (See Figure 6)

If the Heart line is livid or pale, the subject is suffering from liver troubles. (Figure 7)

A weak Heart line without branching off at its ending at the percussion indicates childlessness. It has to be noted that the branches off the line indicates vitality and reproductive capacity.  (See Figure 8)

The line forked with three prongs at the start from the Mount of Jupiter signifies good fortune. 

Premature death is indicated when the Heart line starting under the Mount of Saturn is short and is without forks. (Figure 9)