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Thumb – Symbol of Will Power, Reason and Logic

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Astropalm 124



For the purpose of delineating the character of a person, eminent palmists have divided the Thumb into six types. The six types are:
(1) The Clubbed Thumb
(2) The Supple-jointed Thumb
(3) The Firm-jointed Thumb
(4) The Waist-like Thumb
(5) The Straight Thumb
(6) The Elementary Thumb

The descriptions and characteristics of the six types the Thumb may overlap some of the details we have given in previous articles on the Thumb. However, the repeat in this article of any detail already given would only contribute to better understanding of the subject.

(1) The Clubbed Thumb: This Thumb is thick like a club. People having this type of Thumb are brutal, unreasonable and obstinate. They cannot tolerate any opposition. Their passions are so intense they are ungovernable. They may commit any act of violence including murder. Therefore, this kind of Thumb has always been called the Murderer’s Thumb. The owner of the Clubbed Thumb, however, cannot preplan or premeditate murder for he is incapable  of Will Power. The shorter the Thumb, the more brutal the 
owner is.

(2) The Supple-jointed Thumb: This Thumb bends outwards and is supple at the joint underneath the nail the owner of this Thumb is pliable and adaptable. He is broad-minded and can be unconventional. He is very liberal in his outlook. The Head line sloping and bending downwards heighten these characteristics. This Thumb always denotes generosity in regard to both thinking and spending money. The Supple-jointed Thumb person is a giver on impulse. But if given time, to think over, he might change his idea to give.

(3) The Firm-jointed Thumb: This person on the contrary, may refuse to grant a request on impulse, but on second thought he would decide to grant the request. Once, he has made up his mind, he would not change it. This kind of Thumb represents resisting nature. The longer the first or nailed phalanx, the stronger is the Will Power. These people seldom make friends easily. The nature of these people is such that on a railway journey, they would never make a casual remark to begin a conversation with a fellow passenger. On the contrary, they would start an argument with a fellow passenger over a hardly important matter like keeping a window open or shutting it. However, the Supple-jointed people would readily enter into conversation with a fellow traveler. They are charming and affable companions.

(4) The Waist-like Thumb: The owner of this Thumb would not depend on reason or logic to make his point or to win over others. Instead, he would employ tact and diplomacy to gain his end.

(5) The Straight Thumb: The owner of this Thumb would not use tact and diplomacy nor would logic and reason to make his point. Instead, he would resort to argument straightaway to convince the other party of his point. In the process he may antagonize the people to his own disadvantage.

(6) The Elementary Thumb: This is almost shapeless. It has the appearance of a piece of flesh stuck on the hand. This Thumb is coarse and heavy and its owner is an unreasonable bully. He is boorish and clownish even with those as coarse as himself.