Dubai based gangsters orchestrated shooting; Kanjipani Imran suspected mastermind

Colombo, July 10 (Daily Mirror) - Investigations with regard to the shooting in Athurugiriya where two persons including Club Wasantha were killed, revealed that two underworld criminals, 'Loku Patti' and 'Gona Kovile Shantha,' currently hiding in Dubai, directly orchestrated the operation to kill Club Wasantha.

Police suspect that underworld figure Kanjipani Imran may have masterminded the shooting from overseas.

Police have detained seven individuals, including the owner of the tattoo shop for questioning regarding the shooting.

During the investigations, police discovered that Rs.1 million had been credited to the tattoo shop owner's account from Dubai, raising suspicions that the money was deposited to facilitate the murder of Club Wasantha. Police said the owner had claimed the funds were sent by friends in Dubai for purchasing goods for the tattoo shop.

However, Police Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa said that further investigations will determine whether the money was intended for legitimate business purposes or as an advance for a contract killing.

The spokesman said that the owner, Dulan Sanjula, and six others were taken into custody for questioning regarding their alleged involvement in the recovery of vehicles used by the suspects to escape after the shooting.

The shooting occurred during the opening ceremony of a tattoo and piercing studio, resulting in the immediate hospitalization of six individuals. Among the victims, 55-year-old businessman Surendra Wasantha Perera, known as 'Club Wasantha,' and a 38-year-old Nayana Wasala, who had attended the opening succumbed to their injuries upon arrival at the hospital.

Police said that four individuals were involved in the shooting, with two armed men entering the building with T56 assault rifles while the others remained in the car.

Police recovered ammunition shells from the scene, some marked with the initials "KPI," suggesting a possible link to Kanjipani Imran.

Singer K. Sujeewa, who sustained serious leg injuries, is currently undergoing treatment at the National Hospital in Colombo. Both Club Wasantha's wife and the tattoo shop owner's wife were also injured.

A revolver had been recovered from Club Wasantha's wife's bag following the incident.

It was revealed that the shop owner had promoted the opening of his tattoo shop in Athurugiriya on social media, stating that Club Wasantha and singer Sujeewa would attend as guests.

Investigators suspect that the owner allegedly planned the opening with the intent of targeting Club Wasantha, with whom he had maintained a close connection via social media.

Police suspect that there had been a serious dispute between Club Wasantha and Kanjipani Imran for some time.

It is reported that Kanjipani Imran may have suspected that Club Wasantha had provided information related to the arrest of Makandure Madhush and Kanjipani Imran during a party held in Dubai in 2019.

Club Wasantha who was expected to attend the party had not turned up. Kanjipani Imran had suspected that Club Wasantha was the one who had tipped police off about the party in Dubai.

Multiple police teams are currently investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, the post-mortem examination into the death of Club Wasantha was conducted yesterday, during which at least eight rounds of ammunition were recovered from his body.

Meanwhile, IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon said that during the ongoing investigations, several clues had emerged regarding the suspects of the shooting.

"The focus of the investigations has been on understanding whose interests were behind this crime and what the motive was. According to current findings, it has been determined which criminal masterminded this act," the IGP said.

The IGP said that he is confident that this crime will be solved in a short period of time and the criminals will be brought to justice.

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