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UN team here for additional SL combat contingent for Mali

22 Mar 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  •  The proposed additional ‘Combat Convoy Company B- 1’ is composed of 20  officers and 223 Other Ranks 

A high-level UN Pre-deployment team is currently in Sri Lanka in order to have an additional Sri Lankan combat contingent for Mali, the army headquarters said.

A high-level UN Assessment and Advisory Team currently in Sri Lanka, expected to ensure the quality and standards of all technical Combat Convoy Equipment (CCE) and evaluate the Operational Readiness Preparations of the additional ‘Combat Convoy Company B-1’ (CCC) contingent, designed for deployment shortly in the United Nations Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) called on the Commander of the Army Vikum Liyanage yesterday (21) at the Army HQ in Sri Jayawardenepura. 

This process, technically defined as the Pre-Deployment Visit (PDV) was earlier too adhered to by the Army before such UN Peacekeeping Missions were despatched. The aim of this PDV is to inspect the materials and equipment of the contingent and verify its conditions to meet the mission’s Force Requirement as stipulated in the United Nations Department of Peace Keeping Operations (UNDPKO).  

The proposed additional ‘Combat Convoy Company B- 1’ is composed of 20 officers and 223 Other Ranks and expects to bring back US $ 9 million annually to the country’s national economy. At present, 20 Officers and 223 Other Ranks of the 4th Combat Convoy Company (CCC) are serving the MINUSMA.  

The UN request for an additional Sri Lankan combat contingent for Mali distinctively mirrors a clear re-endorsement of its trust and recognition of professional standards of the armed forces of Sri Lanka, and also serves as an appreciative gesture for the CCC currently deployed in Mali, the army said.  

During the cordial interactions at the Commander’s office, the Army Chief briefed UN delegates on the readiness of the Sri Lanka Army’s preparations for the passage of this additional ‘Combat Convoy Company B-1’ to the MINUSMA at short notice.  

Towards the conclusion of the interactions at the Army HQ, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army awarded special mementos to the visiting UN representatives as tokens of appreciation.  
During their visits to aforesaid Sri Lanka Army formations, those visiting UN delegates before their departure on 25th March 2023 would receive glimpses of detailed accounts of equipment, other accessories and their operability from respective Officers, earmarked to leave for Mali.   

The Sri Lankan CCC is engaged in providing security for logistic convoys under trying circumstances despite life-threatening risks, adverse weather conditions and inhospitable terrains.