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Rosy calls for people to follow even more stringent health guidelines

16 Aug 2021 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Says authorities will and are, doing their best to keep you safe

  • Get yourself vaccinated if not already done so
  • Wear a well fitting mask or even double mask whenever out of home 
  • Do not leave home unless absolutely necessary
  • Check if the services you need available online 
  • Do not permit any visitors to your home unless absolutely necessary

By Yohan Perera

Whilst stating that it is alarming to see business establishments, trade establishments and individuals having a sheer disregard to health guidelines, Colombo Mayoress Rosy Senanayake yesterday urged the public to follow even more stringent health guidelines stipulated by health authorities.

“It is alarming to see many business establishments, including restaurants, hotels, shops, and supermarkets, openly ignoring health guidelines on crowding, temperature checks, and contact info gathering. This is a reckless disregard of customer and employee safety and completely unacceptable. Fancy statements on corporate social responsibility amount to nothing if you do not step up now!” Ms. Senanayake said in a special statement.
“I am appealing to you all to be extremely vigilant and cautious in your activities. Take your responsibility to yourself and others, very seriously. The authorities will, and are, doing their best to keep you safe. However, they cannot succeed if individuals and institutions act irresponsibly. It is shocking to see people putting the lives of many at risk by acting with sheer disregard for the current situation,” she added.

Ms. Senanayake urged all citizens to get themselves vaccinated if not already done so, not to leave home unless it is necessary, not to permit visitors unless it is necessary, wear double masks and not to abuse the permission given by the government to do certain things. “Businesses also should encourage employees to work from home unless it’s absolutely necessary to be physically present at work. In such instances, they should try to provide a mode of transport for the individual that minimises exposure. Furthermore, employees may take unnecessary risks due to concerns about losing their jobs. It is incumbent on the employer not to create that work environment,” she said.



  • Govt. is permitting certain activities so that essential work can be continue
  • Businesses also should encourage employees to work from home