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Independence Day, an opportunity to rectify errors and failures –President

04 Feb 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

Independence Day when Sri Lanka celebrates the 75th  anniversary of its independence is an opportunity to rectify errors and  failures, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said in his Independence Day  message.   

Following is the full message   

Our 75th Anniversary of Independence from colonial rule is  being observed during an extremely critical and challenging time in the  country. It is, indeed, a decisive moment. However, it presents an  opportunity for us not only to review our strengths and gains as a  nation but also to rectify our errors and failures.   

Since 1948, we have, as a nation, undergone many tests and  travails - from riots, insurgencies and war to natural disasters. These  experiences have left us with a sense of inculcated resilience that has  made us revive better when faced with adversity.

Therefore, I am  confident that even at this juncture, we will pool our energies as the  daughters and sons of one mother to rise up from the current economic  abyss and build back stronger.   

There is a new economic and social reform agenda before the  country, with the objectives focusing first on recovery and then on  renewed development. 

It is imperative for us to unite in its  implementation so that we can emerge with a high level of economic  prosperity. I pledge today to make the extremely difficult though vital  decisions to achieve this goal with courage and determination. I  anticipate the confidence and support of you, the people of our country,  in this endeavour.   

I also take the opportunity to thank you, the Sri Lankan  expatriate community, for your contribution towards the development of  our motherland despite your distance. I would like to invite you to join  us in securing a bright future for the younger generation of Sri  Lankans, who are at the vanguard of economic and social development. Your  faith and investment in the unique and creative ideas of our talented  youth who lack capital could give considerable hope and be of immense  benefit to our country in this crisis.