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Condoms sold actively across the country

27 Mar 2023 - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}}      

  • High-end products selling in urban areas 
  • Clearance issues for vending machines 

By Easwaran Rutnam 

Contrary to the popular belief, condoms are being sold actively across Sri Lanka, the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka said. 

FPA Executive Director Thushara Ranasinghe told Daily Mirror that one brand of condoms is also moving fast in remote areas.  She said the Government also has a mechanism where midwives promote the use of condoms.  Ranasinghe said that low-range condoms are moving in rural areas, while high-end products are seen moving to urban areas. 

 “Condoms bring dual protection. Not only from pregnancy but from sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms is one of the most potent methods of keeping our young people safe. Contrary to the popular belief, condoms are being sold actively across the country,” she said in an interview with Daily Mirror.  

However, Ranasinghe said that some people are not comfortable to purchase condoms in pharmacies, owing mostly to cultural beliefs. 
“We might take a while to get over this,” she said 

She also noted that condom vending machines were promoted in Sri Lanka, but there were issues including vandalism,  

FPA had identified hot spots, including railway stations, hospitals and universities to install condom vending machines, but there was difficulty in obtaining clearance from the authorities. 
According to Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka has an almost 68 per cent contraceptive prevalence rate and is among the highest in the region.