He grabs the chance to re-affirm his loyalty

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A delegation of heads of local bodies in the West led by the provincial head called on the new strongman on Deepavali day. 

During the discussion that ensued, the chair of a local body in Gampaha area posed a question to the Big Boss: “Newspaper reports said that you too have been invited to a Pinkama to be held in Anuradhapura on November 18 to mark the birthday of our former boss. Sir, are you attending this Pinkama?”
After a few moments of reflection, the new strongman  replied: “I have yet to receive an invitation. I understand that this event is to be held as a step towards forming a joint opposition front. Please remember that I am not attending functions that are meant to split up political parties!”

At this stage, the head of a Municipality south of the city, a onetime henchman of the former strongman spoke up: “As for me, I will never join any of these alliances. Come hell or high water, I will stand by you, Sir or I will go home!”

Everyone present on the occasion knew that the man was trying to make amends for the vitriolic abuse he hurled at the new Big Boss at the recent elections!  

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