CERT warns public of increasing fake message scams

Colombo, June 24 (Daily Mirror) - The Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT) has urged the public to exercise caution due to a rise in fake messages allegedly sent by banks, commercial institutions and international organizations.

While issuing a notice, the SLCERT warned that these scams claim to offer donations, cash gifts, lucky draws and job insurance, using the names of legitimate entities to deceive individuals.

Cybercriminals are using fake websites, social media platforms, SMS and WhatsApp to reach their targets. By clicking on links in these messages, individuals risk having their data stolen from computers and mobile phones, leading to various forms of abuse and financial fraud.

The SLCERT reports a recent surge in such crimes, with more victims being recorded. Fraudsters particularly exploit national and religious festivals, taking advantage of the public’s trust during these periods.

To combat this, SLCERT and other organizations have initiated extensive awareness campaigns. However, despite these efforts, the number of complaints from victims continue to rise due to ignorance and neglect.

The SLCERT advises the public to verify any suspicious messages by visiting the official websites of the respective institutions, contacting them through official phone numbers, or making inquiries before responding to such messages. 

They urge the public to avoid opening or responding to unverifiable messages and emphasize the importance of remaining vigilant against these scams.

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