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Wanindu Hasaranga slams social media trolls: Trying to make other Sri Lanka fans angry

Sri Lanka skipper Wanindu Hasaranga has slammed the social media trolls for trying to turn the other fans against them after their T20 World Cup exit.

In Short:-

  • Sri Lanka were slammed on social media for their performance
  • Hasaranga said that the real fans support them irrespective of the result
  • Hasaranga and Co. will head home now and wait for the tour of India in July

(indiatoday) Sri Lanka captain Wanindu Hasaranga slammed the social media trolls, claiming that they're just trying to make the other fans of the team angry at them after their horrid show in the T20 World Cup 2024. Sri Lanka were eliminated in the group stages after they lost to South Africa and Bangladesh in the first two matches and their game with Nepal was washed out.

Sri Lanka would salvage some pride with the win over the Netherlands, but the damage was done as many criticised them on social media. Speaking at the press conference on Monday, Hasaranga said the real fans keep on supporting them irrespective of the result.

Hasaranga felt that the people slamming them are the ones who are trying to turn the others on them as well.

"First , as a player, we should not look at social media posts, as we know how sri lankan fans are supporting us, wherever we play the comment supporters even today we so in this location also they came to support us. So we can't blame it on them whats on social media as we know the support of a lot."

"We know they are with us then we are winning the matches and when we are losing the matches as well. So what's on social media are done by a small group of people to make other fans angry with us. So I think Sri Lanka fans are with us even we lose the matches. So we must be very lucky to have such kind of fans in Sri Lanka."

"And as a player the support that we get from them is very important when we are losing the matches. We are not playing the matches to lose the game we are playing for country. So the fans knows that too. So they support us even we are losing matches. So I’m very thankful for the srilankan cricket fans for supporting us," said Hasaranga.

  • Sri Lanka rectify ODI World Cup 2023 mistakes

Sri Lanka finished 9th in the ODI World Cup last year and they had a similar fate this time around. Hasaranga feels the mistakes from the event in India is yet to be rectified and they would be discussing about it now.

"So after every tournament we gather around and discuss that we have done several mistakes. So as a team I think we should decide if we have to rectify those mistakes. So as the captain I feel very sorry about this and I think we have not rectified our mistakes yet. When it’s an international team those mistakes has to be rectified to win any match. So I think we have discussed our mistakes in this world cup and from previous worldcup as well. So as we have not rectified those we had to get out of this tournament this soon," said Hasaranga.

Hasaranga and Co. will head home now and wait for the tour of India in July. 

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