CCTV evidence leads to issue over 4,500 fines for traffic violations

  • Police to upgrade CCTV system

By Darshana Sanjeewa Balasuriya

Traffic fines have been issued to more than 4,500 motorists who violated traffic rules, identified through the CCTV system in Colombo.

A senior officer told the Daily Mirror that video evidence of relevant offences captured by the Traffic Division’s CCTVs has been forwarded to police stations to issue fine papers for the offences to the relevant drivers.

The police launched a special programme aimed at identifying motorists violating traffic rules through the CCTV system in Colombo on January 22nd. Despite the programme being launched on January 22nd, the implementation of law against traffic violators commenced on February 1st.

Traffic offences such as lane law violation, failure to follow traffic lights, stopping vehicles at no-parking areas, and driving disregarding the red light have been traced via the CCTV cameras.

“During the first few weeks, we identified and issued fine tickets to around 100 drivers daily. 

However, there has been a significant reduction in the detection of traffic violations recently. Most drivers are aware that they are being monitored and are following traffic rules most of the time,” the officer said.

The officer said they have also identified some incidents where vehicles are travelling with fake number plates. He said when they checked the number plate of the vehicle found violating traffic rules, they discovered that they were fake number plates. They have informed such incidents to the respective police stations and launched investigations.

He said most of the drivers detected for violations are motorcycle riders, three-wheel drivers, and bus drivers.

When a case is detected, the details are sent to the police station where the offence took place and also to the police station where the registered owner of the vehicle resides. Therefore, the offender can pay the fine from either of those two areas.

The officers said that the police are in the process of upgrading the CCTV system.

Earlier, the police said they are developing a mobile application that could be used to monitor footage from cameras installed by business establishments and residences, with the consent of the owners. They would make use of camera footage only facing main roads and public places.           

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