Aragalaya protesters could be further harassed through Rehabilitation Bill: Lawyer files petition in SC     Follow

A lawyer in a petition before Supreme Court today alleged that the bill titled 'Bureau of Rehabilitation' has been brought with an ulterior motive of further harassing Aragalaya protestors as this Bureau is vested with powers to send persons to rehabilitation without a judicial order.

Attorney-at-law Amila Suyama Egodamahawatta who actively involved in the public protest called ‘Aragalaya’ has filed a Special Determination petition challenging the constitutionality of this bill which was placed on the Order Paper of Parliament on September 23. 

The petitioner stated that the bill would avoid the judicial powers of the people violating Article 3 and 4 of the constitution. 

Through this petition, the petitioner is seeking a declaration that the bill requires the approval by the people at a Referendum in addition to the 2/3 approval of the Parliament. 

The petitioner said according to preamble of the bill, the main objective of the Act is to rehabilitate the misguided combatants and individuals engaged in extreme or destructive acts whereas no interpretation has been given to those terms.

Filing this petition through Attorney-at-law Manjula Balasooriya, the petitioner stated that the proposed Bill is contrary to the freedom of expression and other fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution.

The petitioner further contended that the proposed Bill provides provisions for militarization of the justice system
thus it violates the sovereignty of the people. (Lakmal Sooriyagoda) 



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