Verify identity of plainclothes officers to avoid scams: Police advice public

Colombo, June 17 (Daily Mirror) -To avoid falling victim to criminals impersonating police officers, the public is advised by the police to verify the identity of individuals in plain clothes who claim to be police officers, before consenting to any checks of individuals or property. 


Police said that public has the right to request to see official identification of officers in plain clothes for verification before consenting to any checks.

This advice follows an incident in Maradana where an individual was robbed by two persons posing as police officers.   

Police said that two individuals on a motorcycle, claiming to be police officers, stopped a pedestrian on Friday night near Ketawalamulla Junction in Maradana, assaulted him, and stole his wallet and mobile phone valued at nearly Rs. 200,000.   

The suspects told the victim to come to the Maradana Police Station with Rs. 35,000 for the return of the stolen items.   

Police launched an investigation into the incident following a complaint.   

Police said on Saturday (15), Maradana Police officers received information about a person carrying heroin on a motorcycle. They intercepted the motorcycle at Fonseka Mawatha, conducted a search, and found 12 grams and 120 milligrams of heroin in the rider’s possession.   

The arrested suspect, a 28-year-old resident of Maradana, was found to be using the same motorcycle linked to the earlier robbery.   

Subsequent investigations and questioning of the suspect led police to recover the stolen mobile phone hidden in the suspect’s residence.   

Maradana police are conducting further investigations to arrest the second suspect involved in the robbery.     

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