Sri Lanka to launch Octane 100 petrol today

Colombo, July 2 (Daily Mirror) - Sri Lanka is to launch 100 Octane premium petrol, known as XP100 rating fuel, which helps enhance the performance of vehicles, particularly high-end luxury cars and bikes.

A senior official from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) said the price of a litre of fuel will be much higher than that of ordinary fuel products. It was reported that the high-Octane fuel stock has been shipped to Sri Lanka from the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Mumbai on May 18.

It is special that this type of petrol, named XP100, has been developed locally in India.

It is designed for high-efficiency engine performance, fast acceleration, smooth drivability and improved fuel economy in premium vehicles.

Accordingly, the XP100 provides faster acceleration, smoother drivability, enhanced fuel economy, lower engine deposits and a significant reduction in emissions in the high compression ratio engine. It results in boosting vehicle performance and longer engine life, hence lower maintenance.

The XP100 enhances the performance of vehicles, particularly high-end luxury cars and bikes. It is produced using high-Octane gasoline produced through Octamax, an indigenously developed technology by Indian Oil's R&D Centre.

Dream vehicles with higher compression ratio engines require high-Octane gasoline for inspiring, superior performance. IndianOil's XP100 with superior antiknock properties improves engine power with faster acceleration, enhances fuel economy and offers better drivability with increased engine life. It also helps contribute towards a healthy and cleaner environment with reduced carbon emissions. The low Benzene content in XP100 reduces carcinogenic emissions, while the low aromatic content reduces suspended particulate matter, thus improving air quality.

However, the cost of a liter of Octane 100 petrol is Rs. 793.

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