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She was a beautiful woman of 28 and definitely not shy as she used to watch porn regularly in her younger days. She had married a youth from Colombo when she was only 17. As a result of this marriage that took place in 2005 she got pregnant with her first child.

However, her first marriage only lasted two years. When her husband went abroad for employment she got into a romantic affair with a youth from the village and married him in 2007. This was her second marriage. She was careful to take precautions so as not to get pregnant again.This marriage ended in three years.

She got married for the third time in 2010 and that marriage also ended within a short period of 3 years.

One day she was at a semi-government institution where she met one of the officers there. He was enamoured with her beauty and wished he could have her for his wife. He put this suggestion to her and much to his surprise she consented.

They registered their marriage in 2014 but he did not know that she had been married three times before as she hid the fact from him. Although they had a baby together their marriage started to suffer and all was not well. They were always quarrelling as a result and her husband also started to receive news of her previous infidelities and her previous marriages.

He went to the police, taking with him her previous three marriage certificates and lodged a complaint about his wife. He was told to commence legal proceedings against her for breaking laws pertaining to polygamy.  (By D.G. Sugathapala)

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