LPL LIVE BLOG: Jaffna Stallions face Kandy Tuskers

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11:50 PM
That's all for today folks. 

Another double-header done, with quite a few more to come. 

Tomorrow is a rest day, so join us again on Thursday. 

11:45 PM
The Stallions impressed with the ball as well, particular Usman Shinwari with his 3 for 17, with Thisara Perera also taking two wickets in the 13 balls he bowled. Wanindu Hasaranga's stock only rose after tonight, with 2 for 17 in his four overs, while Suranga Lakmal playing his first match of the tournament, taking 2 for 27. A team effort if there was ever one, with the fielders backing up the captain and the bowlers. 

The Stallions now consolidate their position at the top of the points table, with the maximum points (6) after three games. They are now two points clear of Colombo Kings. Are Jaffna the early favourites for the tournament? Probably. 

Little surprise as Thisara Perera is adjudged Man of the Match again.

11:39 PM
A comfortable win for the Stallions.

Who would have thought this would be the outcome after 10 overs of this match? Thisara Perera and Dhananjaya de Silva were brilliant, bringing the Stallions back into the game, after they were 50/4 after 10 overs. An impressive effort, having done the same in their previous game. 

For the Tuskers, never got going, and never really had a big partnership, good enought to set a foundation to complete the chase.  Brendan Taylor, who played a match winning innings in Kandy's previous game, tried to do it again but there wasn't much support from the rest of the line up. Only Kusal Mendis and Asela Gunaratne joined him in double figures. 

11:36 PM
That's it. Jaffna Stallions win by 54 runs.

Asela Gunaratne lbw b Thisara Perera 31(24)

Thisara Perera brings himself on and has a swinging Asela Gunaratne leg before wicket. 

11:34 PM
Six of that over, which is well, well short of the required run rate. 

Kandy Tuskers 131/9 after 17 overs

11:30 PM
Nuwan Pradeep c Thisara Perera b Suranga Lakmal 0(4)

Reckon the Tuskers will see Thisara Perera in their dreams, or nightmares, tonight. His name is everywhere on the scoresheet. 

11:30 PM
Another economical night for Wanindu Hasaranga. A wicket and a run in his last over means he's ended with figures of 2 for 17 in his four overs. Brought out his tricks, and the returns were impressive. 

End of over 16, Kandy Tuskers 125/8

11:24 PM
Naveen-ul-Haq c Shinwari b Hasaranga 4(3)
Kandy Tuskers 125/8 in 15.3 overs

Naveen-ul-Haq reverse sweeps and doesn't get nearly enough to beat the fielder at short third man. 

61 needed off 27 balls. 

Asela Gunaratne has 25 off 19 and you have to think, unlikely to find any help to fashion a win. 

11:22 PM
A four to end the over, but only seven in all in that over. Required rate now 12 runs an over. 

Kandy Tuskers 124/7 in 15 overs (Target 186)

Wanindu Hasaranga to bowl his last over

11:19 PM
A third wicket for Shinwari!

Dilruwan Perera makes room and Shinwari aims towards the off-stump. Perera gets something on it, but its the bottom part of the bat and doesn't have enough to clear the fielder at deep extra cover. 

Dilruwan Perera c Bhanuka 9 b Shinwari (8)

11:16 PM
19 runs off the last two overs for the Tuskers. Something to cheer about for the Tuskers. 

Kandy Tuskers 117/6 in 14 overs

Usman Shinwari, who has 2 for 10 in his two overs, is back

11:06 PM
Another one bites the dust!

A top edge flies to straight up and Thisara Perera run in to take the catch. The Tuskers careening way off course now. 
That also ends the 12th over

Seekkuge Prasanna c Thisara Perera b Wanindu Hasaranga 1(3)
Kandy Tuskers 98/6 in 12 overs 

Olivier to continue. 

11:04 PM
Kandy Tuskers need 91 from 54

They end the 12th over on 95/5

11:00 PM
Taylor goes!

Taylor tries to launch this cover the deep midwicket boundary but it goes at a nice height to Thisara Perera on the boundary. The Tuskers needed him, with the required rate going up now. 

Taylor c Thisara Perera b Olivier 46(32)

10:57 PM
End of a 10-run over. To end the 10th over. 

Brendan Taylor moves into the 40s. 

Kandy Tuskers 84/4 in 10 overs (Target 186)

10:54 PM

Brendan Taylor bamboozled by a wrong 'un from Wanindu Hasaraga. Given not out, and the bowler quickly suggested a review.

Proves to be a bit hasty as the ball is hitting outside the off stump. Review lost. 

10:53 PM
Five singles and a wicket in the over. 

Kandy Tuskers 74/4 in 9 overs

10:50 PM
116 needed off 70 balls. 

A tailor made situation for Taylor?

We're back after the strategic time out. 

10:46 PM
Mendis caught at fine leg

Kamindu Mendis c Lakmal b Thisara Perera 9(10)

A leading edge flies high towards fine leg where Suranga Lakmal stands himself nicely to take the catch. The Tuskers are well ahead of where the Stallions were at this stage, but they are also losing key wickets. 

Kandy Tuskers 70/4 in 8.2 overs

10:45 PM
A missed stumping chance, but just four from it. 

Kandy Tuskers 69/3 in 8 overs

10:41 PM
Kandy Tuskers 65/3 after 7 overs (Target 186)

Current run rate is 9.2, which is where they need to be.

Here's Wanindu Hasaranga to bowl. 

10:37 PM
He doesn't add to his wickets, just gives away 14 runs. 

Kandy Tuskers 61/3 in 6 overs (Target 185)
Brendan Taylor 23(16), Kamindu Mendis 5(3)

10:33 PM
Just the six off that over, and the wicket unfortunately for the Tuskers.  

Kandy Tuskers 47/3 in 5 overs (Target 186)

They are scoring at a canter, but losing wickets at the same rate too. 

Duanne Olivier, who is now second in the wicket takers list, on to bowl to Kamindu Mendis

10:30 PM
Mendis goes!

Kusal Mendis c Dhananjaya de Silva b Lakmal 20(9)

Mendis improvises, exposing stumps, and laps Lakmal for a six over fine leg. Next ball, tries to get wristy, but is cramped for room and is caught at short fine leg by Dhananjaya de Silva

10:27 PM
Brendan Taylor sweep, sweep, sweeping. 

16 off that over, courtesy two sixes and a four off sweep shorts from Taylor. 

Kandy Tuskers 41/2 in 4 overs (Target 186)
Kusal Mendis 14(5), Brendan Taylor 17(10)

10:23 PM
A single off the last ball of the third over, that added just three runs to the Tuskers' total. 

Kandy Tuskers 25/2 in 3 overs

Chathuranga de Silva to bowl the first over of spin.

10:18 PM
Big wicket for Jaffna!

Kusal Perera smacks a short ball to the square leg boundary where Minod Bhanuka takes a very well judged catch, mid-air. it was hit hard and flat and travelling like a train late to its destination. A brave attempt, at speed from Bhanuka. So valuable for the Stallions. 

Kusal Perera c Bhanuka b Shinwari 4(4)

Brendan Taylor, half-centurion from the last match, out to bat

10:16 PM
A six and a four for Kusal Mendis helps make up a 16 run second over. Going above the required run rate at the minute. 

Kandy Tuskers 22/1 in 2 overs (Target 186) 

10:10 PM
Kandy Tuskers 7/1 in 1 over (Target 186)

Suranga Lakmal to bowl the second over

10:08 PM
One down!

Gurbaz was lucky earlier in the over, when a top edge flew for a six, but this time, his leading edge flies way up in the sky where Duanne Olivier sets himself carefully and takes an important catch

Rahmanullah Gurbaz c Olivier b Shinwari 6(5)

It's time for the two Kusals. 

10:04 PM
We're back to the action. 

Kandy Tuskers need 186 to win, that's 9.3 per over. A tall ask, but they have some quality batsmen in their team. 

Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Kusal Janith Perera to open. Usman Shinwari to bowl the first over. 

09:52 PM
That's the innings. Stallions end on 185/8. 

Stallions will be very pleased with that score, having been 50/4 after 10 overs. But you'd suspect they would also be disappointed with how the last three overs went. Could have easily passed the 200-mark had Thisara Perera and Dhananjaya de Silva had not got out off successive deliveries.

Doesn't take away from what has been an excellent, excellent recovery from the Stallions. They looked so scratchy through the first half of the innings, and given the conditions, it seemed unlikely they could reach this many runs. But when you have Thisara Perera in your team you can always hope and he completely decimated the Tuskers' bowlers. Dhananjaya de Silva was a great partner for Thisara to have, getting him on strike, and putting away the chances he got. 

09:48 PM
Caught on the boundary!

Chathuranga de Silva c Gunaratne b ul-Haq 5(4)

A swat from de Silva flies to Asela Gunaratne who is aware of where the boundary line, catches it, throws it up, gets back in bounds and completes the catch. 

09:46 PM
Nuwan Pradeep bowling wide outside off-stump to mixed results. Bowls two wides in the process. 

Jaffna Stallions 180/7 in 19 overs

Naveen-ul-Haq to bowl the last over

09:41 PM
Wanindu Hasaranga, or Waniya as his t-shirt says, scores a boundary and pops a catch to the midwicket fielder. 
Wanindu Hasaranga c Dilruwan Perera b Nuwan Pradeep 5(4)

Jaffna Stallions 177/7 in 18.3 overs

09:39 PM
Two wickets and 12 runs from that over. 

Jaffna Stallions 173/6 in 18 overs

Once again, the Stallions have staged a sensational recovery. 

09:35 PM
Naveen-ul-Haq on a hat-trick!

Dhananjaya de Silva c Pradeep c ul-Haq 61(38)

Dhananjaya de Silva crosses over and finds the fielder at third man. That's as perfect a second-fiddle innings as you could ask for. On another day, that would be the headloine knock. 

09:32 PM
Caught in the deep!

The Tuskers finally see the back of Thisara Perera. Naveen-ul-Haq returns for his third over, and is welcomed with a six. Perera attempts another and this one falls short to Seekkuge Prasanna who takes a good catch. 

Thisara Perera c Prassanna b ul-Haq 68(28)

09:30 PM
The Tuskers have fielded well in this game...until this over. Two pieces of poor fielding lead to a drop catch and another boundary for Thisara Perera. He adds another six before the over ends with the Stallions on 161/4  in 17 overs. 

Thisara Perera moves onto 62 off 26. Dhananjaya de Silva has 61 off 37. A partnership of 112 off 45 deliveries. 

09:20 PM
Dhananjaya de Silva gets to his half-century with a boundary. Gets there in his 34th ball. He's doing his best Thisara Perera impression. Takes 20 off the last four balls from Dilruwan Perera, and Stallions slowly imposed themselves in this game.  

Jaffna Stallions 144/4 in 16 overs

Strategic time out. Kandy Tuskers really need it. 

09:19 PM
Fifty for Thisara Perera in 22 balls. Second consecutive half-century. 

Anti-climatically gets there with a single. 

09:16 PM
Another boundary and Thisara Perera is in high gear now. He has 49 off 21 balls. Dhananjaya de Silva at a more modest rate has 35 off 30.

Jaffna Stallions 122/4 after 15 overs

09:09 PM
A six from Thisara Perera takes the Stallions past 100 and brings up the 50 run partnership. It's also a no ball, so a free-hit for Perera. He dispatches it to the boundary. And gives the same treatment to the next ball. 

That's ends the 14th over. 
Jaffna Stallions 113/4 in 14 overs

09:04 PM
11 runs and no wickets in that over. A good over for the Stallions. They've scored 42 off the last three overs.  

Jaffna Stallions 93/3 in 13 overs

A second spell for Naveen-ul-Haq. 

08:59 PM
Kamindu Mendis uses both arms to bowl and it doesn't particularly go well for him. Thisara Perera clobbers two sixes and then Dhananjaya de Silva adds a four in a 20 run over. The best, by some distance for the Stallions. 

Jaffna Stallions 82/4 in 12 overs
Thisara Perera 19(7), Dhananjaya de Silva 27(25)

What luxury for the Tuskers. The experienced Nuwan Pradeep onto bowl his first over.

08:55 PM
The first six brings the 11th over to a close. Dhananjaya de Silva straight drives again and this time hits it well enough for it to go all the way. 

Jaffna Stallions 62/4 in 11 overs
Dhananjaya de Silva 23(23), Thisara Perera 4(3)

08:52 PM
Jaffna Stallions 50/4 in 10 overs

It's been a difficult half of the innings for the Stallions. Only two batsmen have got into double figures and they've had only four boundaries so far. 

Thisara Perera played an innings of maturity yesterday. He needs to repeat that tonight. 

08:48 PM
Run out! 
Shoaib Malik Run Out 9(7)

When it rains, it pours and the Stallions know this from experience tonight. Dhananjaya de Silva drives straight and hard, and Mendis gets his hand to it. Richochets and there is no time for Malik to get back into the crease. 
A key wicket, and Thisara Perera has come to the crease. 

08:44 PM
End of the ninth over and it's time to stratergize with the strategic time out. 
Jaffna Stallions 47/3 in 9 overs

Malik carves a boundary off that last ball, and some of the pressure is relieved. He has 8 off 6 balls. 
Dhananjaya de Silva is 13 off 15 balls. 

What's your prediction? How much will the Stallions get? Send us your thoughts. 

Ambidextrous Kamindu Mendis to bowl. 

08:40 PM
Jaffna Stallions 38/3 in 8 overs

The pressure is building for Jaffna, can't seem to break lose but credit to the Tuskers, they have used the conditions well and bowled exceptionally. 

Leg-spinner Seekkuge Prasanna to bowl

08:36 PM
A second for Gunaratne!
Tom Moores b Gunaratne 4(6)

Gunaratne's variation does the damage again. A yorker length delivery that Moores can't dig out and he's bowled.  

Jaffna Stallions 35/3 in 7.2 overs

08:35 PM
And he bowls the most expensive over of the innings so far -- seven runs. 
Jaffna Stallions 35/2 after 7 overs

08:29 PM
End of the powerplay

Jaffna Stallions 26/2 after 6 overs

Just four of that over, and much like yesterday, it's not been a great phase of play for the Stallions. They ended on 218 yesterday, but matching that will be difficult on this wicket. 

Joint top wicket taker Naveen-ul-Haq on for his first over. Replaces Munaf Patel who gave away just 14 runs in his three overs. 

08:26 PM
Gunaratne strikes!

Minod Bhanuka st Perera b Gunaratne 15(23)

Takes him three balls to make his first breakthrough. His unpredictablilty works again. Runs in like a medium pacer and bowlers an off-spinner. Bhanuka charges, prods and misses. 

Tom Moores to the rescue? He's in. 

08:23 PM
Bhanuka gets creative for his second four, but the Stallions till manage just six off that over. Patel has been really good in his three overs. 

Jaffna Stallions 22/1 after 5 overs
Minod Bhanuka 15(22), 

Asela Gunaratne on to bowl his dibbly-dobblers

08:18 PM
Jaffna Stallions 16/1 after 4 overs
Minod Bhanuka 10(17), Dhananjaya de Silva 1(3)

Munaf Patel back for a third over. 

08:18 PM
This tournament has seen some below-par fielding from all teams, but the Tuskers effected two direct-hit run outs. 

08:13 PM
Direct hit and Avishka Fernando is out!

It's singled a no-ball, but Avishka attempts a risky single and makes the cardinal error of not taking the shortest route i.e. the straight route. Seekkuge Prasanna at short fine leg throws at the stirker's end and Fernando is short. A big wicket for the Tuskers. 

Avishka Fernando Run Out (Prasanna) 3(5)
Jaffna Stallions 13/0 after 3 overs

08:10 PM
Bhanuka scores the first boundary of the innings, a cracking drive through cover. But only five off that over. 

Jaffna Stallions 9/0 in 2 overs

Patel back to bowl. 

08:05 PM
Patel on the mark in his first over (except for that one wide). Just four runs off it. 

Jaffna Stallions 4/0 in 1 over

Spinner on early for the Tuskers. Dilruwan Perera into the attack. 

08:00 PM
Avishka Fernando and Minod Bhanuka open again for the Stallions. Munaf Patel to bowl the first over. 

07:54 PM
We're minutes away from action. Fingers crossed, we won't see any rain. 

Who are favourites tonight? Send us your predictions. 

07:48 PM
Duanne Olivier and Naveen-ul-Haq are joint top wicket takers of the tournament so far, with five wickets each, and will look to extend their tallies tonight. 

07:42 PM
Thisara Perera says he expects some spin in the wicket later on, and that was his idea behind batting first. Wanindu Hasaranga, the leg-spin all-rounder, will be a major factor for the Stallions in defending a score you'd think, and has been exceptional this tournament, with an economy rate of 4.5. 

07:32 PM
Jaffna Stallions win the boss and elected to bat first. 

Lakmal in for Binura Fernando for the Stallions. Kandy Tuskers are unchanged from yesterday's match. 

Here are the teams: 

Jaffna Stallions: Thisara Perera (c), Avishka Fernando, Minod Bhanuka, Tom Moores, Dhananjaya de Silva, Shoaib Malik, Chathuranga de Silva, Thisara Perera, Wanindu Hasaranga, Suranga Lakmal, Usman Shinwari, Duanne Olivier 

Kandy Tuskers: Kusal Perera (c), Rahmanullah Gurbaz, Kusal Mendis, Brendan Taylor, Kamindu Mendis, Asela Gunaratne, Seekkuge Prasanna, Naveen-ul-Haq, Dilruwan Perera, Nuwan Pradeep, Munaf Patel

07:31 PM
The Kandy Tuskers meanwhile, benefitted from having former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor in their team, who scored a half century in their win yesterday. They'll look to keep the momentum and maybe even move into second in the table. 

07:22 PM
We're only seven games through the tournament, but we're already seeing contenders form and that's what the Stallions have become, winning their first two games and taking over the top spot in the points table on nett run rate. A third win today, would given them the top spot outright. 

07:15 PM
A target of 175 should not have been insummountable for the batting fire power of the Colombo Kings, but an excellent effort from the Viiking bowlers, who just kept making breakthrough, saw Dambulla record a 28-run win. Of particular impact was left-arm spinner Malinda Pushpakumara who took 2 wickets for 19 runs in his four overs. 

07:11 PM
We've got through the first game of our double-header, where Colombo Kings suffered their first defeat of the tournament to the Dambulla Viiking. Dambulla suffered a demoralizing defeat to the Jaffna Stallions yesterday, so it was a good bounce back for the Viiking. 

07:10 PM
Good evening, and welcome to the live blog of the Lanka Premier League on Daily Mirror Online

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