Launch of First Programmatic Bootcamp in Sri Lanka

High performing and targeted campaign are a clear indication that the future is here. Most digital advertising companies struggle with programmatic advertising due to its limited exposure in Sri Lanka, albeit its phenomenal global presence. 

Thus in Sri Lanka’s Digital Advertising sphere there is a colossal knowledge scarcity on Digital advertising, therefore in order to address this, Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing(APIDM) has partnered with Digital Programmatic Advertising professional  Nisal De Silva, Business Director of AMNET Sri Lanka, who will conduct a one-day bootcamp on Programmatic Advertising, thus paving a stellar opportunity for Digital Marketing enthusiasts and anyone interested to upskill their talents thereby venture into the future. De Silva was one of the key players who spearheaded the launch of AMNET in Sri Lanka. Last September Dentsu Aegis Network launched AMNET to make this advancement into the future a reality. AMNET is the sole consumer oriented digital platform that utilizes data to create customized digital advertising solutions to its patrons. Therefore, through expanding the scope for digital media AMNET drastically metamorphosed the status quo of digital advertising in to a more sophisticated and multi-dimensional consumer-centric advertising platform which will be globally consistent and locally relevant. 

Programmatic Advertising Bootcamp will equip attendees with know-how and tips on bespoke programmatic advertising factors that are highly efficient and to be in line with the global digital marketing trends. 
A wide array of aspects will be covered in this bootcamp, and attendees will be given an insight in to the many intricacies that develop into programmatic advertising and how it is utilized by advertisers to execute their digital purchases. 

This workshop will also further elaborate as to how Digital Advertising evolved into Programmatic Advertising and provide a thorough understanding of the core principles Behind Real-Time Bidding (RTB) including Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem, Demand Side Platforms and Supply Side Platforms.  Data Management Platforms and Implementation Tips for Programmatic Advertising are also two other aspects which the bootcamp will highlight and focus on to provide a rounded learning experience. 

One-Day Bootcamp on Programmatic Advertising will take place on 10th December from 9am to 5pm at the APIDM. Make your reservations now to be part of the future. 

For reservation please call 011 723 2277 or visit


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